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I hope they make dlc. This game is so much fun I want more!
There's already DLC available, no clue how you access the Unique Rig though (the other 2 things are given to you immediatly).
You can access the unique pre-order rig through the medbay where you also apply upgrades to the rig as you get them. Just know that there's no stat difference at all, it's entirely cosmetic.


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I hope they add coop and pvp in the DLC. And tougher bosses! I love this game, but gets repetitive. I don't want to play it again after NG+ and the platinum. Nothing is new.
Please fix lock on for multiple enemies, and some type of online interaction? Would also like to use my build that I worked very hard on to fight other people ....
Its a single player game you dope.
4 scared guys
DLC gona be an amusement park setting with new armor,weapons implants plus a weapon pack that supposely changes up some attacks... About a 4 hr dlc add on..
The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented Episode 1 Prize: Vitality Boost v1; Loot: Sustaining Array v1, Vanadium E-Cell v1, Tactile Omni-Boost v1, Endurance Enhancer v1, Vital Injection v1 Episode 2 Prize: Plasmic Omni-Boost v1; Loot: Aggression Amplifier v1, Kinasthetic Amplifier v1, Plasmic Regenerator v1, Voltaic Dynamo v1 Episode 3 Prize: Turbo-Dynamic Capacitor v2; Loot: Energized Power Cell v2, Vital Boost XL v4 (mini-boss), Pneumatic Calibrator v2, Mechanized Counterweight v2 Episode 4 Prize: Nanokinetic Converter v3; Loot: Red X-Cables, Medi-Voltaic Injection v1, Aggression Amplifier v2, Gyro-Stabilizer v2 Episode 5 Prize: Plasmic Omni-Boost v3; Loot: Vital Boost v3, Plasmic Regenerator v3, Medi-Voltaic Injection v3 Episode 6 Prize: Gyro-Stabilizer v4; Loot: Vital Injection v3, Vanadium E-Cell v3, Tactile Omni-Boost v5, Kinasthetic Amplifier v5 Episode 7 Prize: Purple X-Cables; Loot: Endurance Enhancer v3, Nanokinetic Converter v5, Aggression Amplifier v4, Vital Boost v3, Turbo-Dynamic Capacitor v4 Episode 8 Prize: Plasmic Omni-Boost v5; Loot: Vital Boost v5, Medi-Voltaic Injection v5, Vital Boost MAX (mini boss), Endurance Enhancer v5 Episode 9 Prize: Shades of Gold (Glasses); Loot: Voltaic Dynamo v5, Plasmic Regenerator v5, Reclamation Buddy v5, Vital Injection v5, Rig Capacitor XXL Gear and implants destroyed during runs give scrap as usual, however after the run the gear and implants are returned but the scrap from them remains!
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