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Well heck, just wanted to let things out, so.....yeah.
I've disappeared from the forum as of late, mainly because life's decided to throw a few curveballs at my head and expected me to dodge them all -_-
On the good side, I've met someone very special to me, and while I am still unemployed, I am at least doing volunteer writing work for a small-ish gaming website, so that's something that'll look good on my resume.
On the bad side, health hasn't been the best, I'm stuck in Work for the Dole (any aussies who have been in that know how boring that is), and there's been personal things as well.

Anyhoo, feel free to get rid of this if it's too off topic, just needed to "blehh" it up somewhere.
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Totally cool to drop a post like this from time to time. Good to see ya back, and I'll give some kudos for starting off on the positive side. Never take those for granted and you'll have a much better shot at getting through the rest
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I recently fell into a depression where all meaning and joy I derived from life has become hollow and stale. Nothing fulls my passion as it has before. I feel almost totally dead inside as I struggle to find some scrap of happiness and excitement from life. I think I need to disconnect myself from the world more. It's just too saddening, focus on myself more, particularly self improvement. Maybe get a new RPG. Been getting into Diablo style Action-RPGs recently. Thinking about getting Grim Dawn.
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It's good to hear you've found someone special to you, and that you've found time for a fulfilling activity. If you like the volunteer work, maybe someone from there will know of a related job with acceptable pay, sometime down the road? I bet if they knew you weren't satisfied with your current line of work, and if they thought you had particular skills, they might keep an eye out for you.

Nothing quite so bad has happened to me, I guess. The worst I've had to deal with is cancelled classes (which are expensive) and bugging them for refunds. Not all that complicated I guess, just frustrating when I want to be working on a certain timescale.



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I feel you man.
I come to this site because it takes my mind off of other things. It's a good place to visit.
The game info is nice, but I stick around just to read what people have to say about.... really anything.


I really miss Grim Dawn. My PC died before they finished it, but I liked it better than most games of that style. The world is smalll but consistent with the story and theme of the game.
It's one of the best indie games I played on Steam. If it ever released on PS4, I would be incredibly happy.