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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Any info om patch released today?
Implanted Electrodes v.2, Injectable which restores energy by 36, changed from infinite usage on cooldown to limit of 5 uses per stack.
Any word on xbox release date?
enemies are too overpowered. fix it.
and when the next patch?.. to fix the problems with game crashing when leaving central production B
im having a problem where the game starts to loosing frames while i advance in the game to the ponit the game is unplayable for example i start a new game and i have 60 fps when i reach the final boss i have 30 fps now when i star my NG+ the game runs at 10 or even 5 fps!


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You do know that this is a fan-built wiki that's totally unassociated with the developers, yes? You need to post bug reports related to the game either on the game's official forums or on the Steam forums.
I have a problem I just got to new game plus and warren keeps dieing right off the bat I can’t move or pause he just dies, when I first started it he fell through the map and died first and I can’t play