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By Anonymous
"Enemies in the cave drop some of the DLC exclusive items if you are a co-op phantom."

Some enemies might drop items only with coop summons, the in-game provided ones might do, but it's not really confirmed, like Promised walk of Peace drop...
By Anonymous
2022.. going back through the DLC, and after finally beating these 3 **** was a great moment.
Tried 5 times with my summon dudes, and last run was epic.
Fake Havel and ninja guy took out summons while I killed Robin Hood, ninja guy was out of steam, and dropped like a cheap hooker.
Left me and fat boy , who took 20 dark orbs to put to rest. Good times.
By Anonymous
Don't know what it's called "Cave of the Dead". Seems pretty alive to me. Overly congested cluster**** with random crap everywhere.
By Anonymous
I used broken Santier's spear +5 to attack both melees, timing my attacks and rolls, and using walls to block arrows. Ran laps to heal, and finished off the archer last.
By Anonymous
Nothing more pointlessly annoying than filling levels with spitting statues.
By Anonymous
Literally everything in here is obnoxious.