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By Anonymous
Can you burn an ascetic here to respawn the 3 on a corpse?
By Anonymous
by 3 i mean the 3 bonfire ascetics
By Anonymous
I put on the stone ring and smashed the Havel clone in the face with the kings ultra gs, and he just calmly ignored me and pancaked me.
By bladeoftheheavens182
Ok, im really starting to love hexes. i beat the gank squad on first try thanks to black knight sword + Dark Weapon, and spammed dark orbs on the havel fake lol
By Anonymous
The ”rush archer” strategy didn't work out for me at all, I died at least five times trying it.
But I discovered that, as long as you have the two phantoms with you, the bosses will focus on them, and you just have to backstab them with your strongest weapon. Finally done with this BS
By Anonymous
The trio of clowns made this dlc cancer.
By Anonymous
If you say so
By Anonymous
The doing laps in and out of the water strategy going for archer, little guy, then the tank worked well. I'm glad I did it this way, because once it got down to just me and the tank it was a long tense fight. That guy is no joke. I'll never even try to fight him any other way than 1 on 1 in the future...
By Anonymous
When the havelbro is alone you can just dodge his dumb slow animation towards him -> backstab -> repeat.
By Anonymous
See the pool of water closest to your right when you enter the boss room? Welcome to the merry go round of death. They all take ages to jump down and chase you while you can tear the archer a new one if you make a run for it. And if you need buff just make enough space and stand right next to the edge of the pool, consoom whatever and drop down and repeat the whole Tom&Jerry skit again.
Note: DO NOT jump into the left pool, there are statues and that statue bug in there that will the bane of yours.
By Anonymous
Had a hard time with the bosses, until i decided to parry the havel guy at last. First summon the two white phantoms, wait for them to heal up at the fog wall and then go for the archer while your friends are meleeing. After defeating the archer, kill the two swords guy, don't mess with big dragon tooth guy until the very end. Finally, equip a parry shield and have an easy time parrying havel. That's it.