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So after I reach Reaper's Coast, Origin companions who is not in my party is considered killed in the encounter with Dallis, and player is given the option to hire mercenaries which is pretty much custom companions. Amirite?


I hired a mercenary. If the player dismiss the mercenary (for now, said the dialogue) the mercenary will leave permanently, not temporarily, and will leave a backpack (containing all the items from their inventory) in the player's inventory.

I recruited Sebille whilst playing with a friend, who recruited Red Prince. Once we joined the ship, and they leave you temporarily, my friend re-recruited his own and Sebille. Now it treats it as if she was not originally hired by me, and I lost the ability to interact with her. Even if he dismisses her, I can't hire her back. Is this intended, or a bug? I don't want to restart the game just because of this.
They could kick sebille from the party and then you can re invite her


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companion image thumbnails are outdated
there are only 6 companions to recruit? seems wierd considering you meet them all almost right away.... mad eit seem there would be lots throughout the game.
There are only 6 and you can only recruit 3 of them. You can have only a party of 4 people including you. Unless using mods, that allow more.
Is it possible romancing while playing a pre-made character? Per say, if I play Lohse, can I romantically involve with Ifan?
Yes you can
how to get a elf mercenary
if you escape fort joy you can hire different people from sergeant zrilla
What happens to the companions gear when I dismiss them? Will they hand everything over or will they keep it until I recruit them again?
They should keep most items on themselves, except quest items, I guess. I usually stick to my party, but there are times, when you get separated and you need to re-recruit them, to continue your journey together (like on board Lady Vengeance), I left a heavy locked chest with Beast, when the party "disbanded", later, when I met them again, got the whole party back one by one, Beast still had all things on him, including that heavy chest. I've got some stuff from them, when they left, but again, I think it were quest items mostly, not sure. But their gear left with them.
I accidentally failed a persuasion for Fane and he permanently left my party and he gave me my equipment back. Not sure what would happen if you dismissed them yourself though, but I imagine it works the same.
I bought this game thinking it was a full customization of a party and not some preset characters. To be fair, this game is beyond amazing but I still wish they would have made the option to have a 4 custom team right at the beginning. I can only dream of an undead party of 4...
Have people join your game on character creation and and just play their characters. should be easy to do if you join Larian discord
ghana coffin dance BGM starts
You can start the game 4 times (lower the graphics settings first) and start a multiplayer campaign. You can then make 4 custom characters. Its clumsy but it works!
the same happened to me, but after finishing act 1 i was surprise to know https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Sergeant+Zrilla
you can hire new companions without a story or any quest but you can use the Magic Mirror and make the undead party of your dreams. :D
is not the same but works for me.


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In act 2, there are multiple times that your companion want to leave you or you leave them, what would happen to them if we didnt recruit them back and went to the nameless isle