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will there be a "Beast" companion (dwarven captain)
So...you can't customize the companions?...
Sorta, right after fort joy, you get into the boat, there's a mirror at the bototm deck that allows you to change your points, and physical appearance. As far as getting new spells however, no.
If you played the earlier Divinity games, you should be kissing your laptop in a haphazard display of love. Also, the presets are resettable once you finish act 1 and get the Lady Vengeance (There is a free&infinite reset mirror, although it will not reset you to a base 0&10)I, for one, am incredibly happy I can choose ANY preset rather than, for example with DOS1, Knight/Ranger/Rogue/Wizard.
Of course you can. Only their origin remains constant. Also you are able to determine their focus during the conversation with them (wizard, fighter...), what means you can tailor your companions extremely detailed. Besides that - and the ability to play these detailed characters as your own avatar/protagonist - you also can create and customize your own character and play that one, similiar to part 1.
Where do companions go when you release them from your party
Intentionally they return to their recruitment points in fort Joy, afterwards I have no idea as I am stuck at Mysterious Cave cuz the game assigns Bless to Ifan who is not in my party instead of Lohse.
That only happens in first chapter. After that can't find where they go
Okay figured it out. Once released all companions go to various places within the seekers hideout
It depends on where you are inthe game. If you're still in fort joy and have source collars, they will return to the place you initially found them, if your collars are all removed then they'll be around the seekers' hideout. After that point, companions should return to The Lady Vengance and be in various places on or below decks if they are dismissed.
is there other recruitable other than these besides paying money for mercenary?
damn that sucks. I am left with only 2 of them on my journey
Same here. Sebille & Lohse are the only two with any interesting personality.
No the only party members you can have are the Origin characters and the undead mercenaries you can hire, if you dislike Beast, The Red Prince, Fane and Ifan then the best thing you can do is play as Sebille/Lohse and have the other in your party and run the Lone Wolf talent, and then i suggest putting some points into Summon and have a summon on one if not both (the Summon incarnate really isnt good until you get to Summon level 10, but the Bonewidow skill in the necromancy section is pretty strong right from the get go, just lacks the infusions and magic armor)
Where are the other companions after you reach reaper's coast? Can't seem to find them anywhere
They are on Lady Vengeance; mostly on the 2nd floor.
The 4 found at Port Joy are not your only companion options either; relatively dissapointed with the wiki right now. :(
If I am playing co op, which one of us controls the companions?
By default, player 2. But you can reassign them however you want.

You may already know this, but if you start a campaign together, players get to create their own custom characters, too.
If you're playing with other people, then the person who recruited the npc companion to the party will be the one who controls them. So if you have one other person with you, you can each recruit an npc and your group will functionally be 2 parties of 2.
Okay, I'm not sure why this is impossible to find online, so I'm gonna ask. Are there really only 3 companions after Lady Vengeance? Am I gonna meet more people down the road? I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna be massively blown if I'm basically stuck with these three companions. I get that it adds replay value, but that's a poor trade off for: no variety after the first act, story/quests severely diminished, experimentation etc. I don't need any specific info, just if I'll get to recruit more companions.
You can recruit custom characters for a minimal gold price from the ship after A2 starts. These are the only primary characters for the story though.
Main class: Conjurer
Companion classes: Conjurer
Tactics: Conjure an army and laugh

I am about a 3rd into the game and have yet to use any resurrection scrolls. Summoning on different elements have different effects, for example: Water gives healing ability to minions. So four Conjurers is very OP.
Op but not fun.