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Can i do this quest with 9s ?
I don't think so.
Actually, You can do this quest before the Report on A2 Quest.
Confirmed. I tried after completing "Report on A2" Quest, and it didn't trigger. The quest triggered when I went back to city ruins before talking to Pascal about A2 as 2B.
I somehow didn't do this quest when I look through all my quests. I tried going back through chapter select, but it's just not trigger. I need the Type: 4O blade.



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Go to chapter 7 around the beginning where it says talk to pascal. Talk to him then run out of the village to city ruins and you should get a couple conversations with the operator and the second one gives you the quest.
This can be a quest obtained earlier, right before you first open up the forest area, as you make your way towards the bridge to the commercial center at the city ruins, you will receive a message and some mail where it gives you the quest