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By Anonymous
I have a str/fth build and this thing rips through those red eye Knights like butter! :-D
By Anonymous
Cuts like a dream.
By Anonymous
Ahh, You were at my side all along!
By Anonymous
Gotta love it!
By Anonymous
This thing has literally been in every from soft game, it seems. From kings field to dark souls to bloodborn. I wonder if it's in the new "shadows die twice" thing?
By Anonymous
It’s also in FromSoftwares mech games or at least two of them. Armored Core 4 and Armored Core 4 Answer. It’s an oversized energy blade. The strongest energy blade in both games actually.
By Anonymous
I think the damage chart is off. It goes 100, 200, and then 100 for the rest of it for some reason. I feel like this is not accurate.
By Anonymous
A revelation from god? Was this Astraeas weapon until she casted god (and his revelation, this sword) away?
By Anonymous
The Istatarelle is also a revelation of god, as well as most of the miracles.

In the Item description it says it belonged to Moonlight Knight Vito, but we don't know who he is.
By Anonymous
Not just recurrent in the Soulsbournes, but also King’s Field.
By Anonymous
Armored Core, as well.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ninja blade too
By Anonymous
How about that evergrace though.
By Anonymous
Aah, you were at my side, all along.
By Anonymous
My mentor...
By Anonymous
My guiding moonlight
By Anonymous
The best iteration of the MGS in the series, in my opinion.
By Anonymous
I'd have to argue that bloodbornes Moonlight greatsword is the best looking one. The entire blade just being glowing eldritch magic over an old bandaged greatsword is pretty badass. But demons souls moonie is pretty kickass too. Cant wait to see how it looks in the remaster.
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By Gr4ndp4_4rt0r145
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Particularly useful for killing Bearbugs, the Red and Blue Dragons and the Flamelurker and Armor Spider.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Dragons? Maybe the red if you stand on the bridge in 1-2 but there’s no way you’re killing the blue with this thing
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can’t wait to use this in remake