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This is a tough M.f.
This guy It's one of my many proofs that demon's souls is a broken game.
He's entirely optional..so no.



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Git gud
Git Gud scrub
One casting of Death Cloud worked for me :)
worked for me on ps5 too
Note: Be advised: Killing Doran will drop your by 2.
Drop what?
Drop your pants by 2?
Soul level?
I think it meant world tendency
Soul Tendency
In the remake I only had to get his health down about 10%, not 25.
hes right
the great chad iron tarkus's grandpappy
Biorr is a closer relation to Tarkus.
Biorr is Tarkus and Siegmeyer.
He wasn't even there for me. I killed the King boss then went over to challenge him but there was only his set and ring to collect. No chance to get Demonbrandt (or Northern Regalia) if you beat Old King Allant before going to do this so make sure to challenge him before beating 1-4's area Boss.
Just beat Fake King Allant and he was there for me.
The message ahead is false.



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He is easy if.....
You can get through his armor cut through, meaning you will have to do over 250 of any given type of damage (besides slash) at once, meaning heavy weapons, cursed weapon, super hyper mode, and even firestorm will be very effective.
Otherwise you will do around 0.001 damage per hit and be totally hosed.
So what’s the best way to lower his health down to receive demonbrandt at the very start of the game without killing him from falling?
He is pretty easy to parry