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Unfair, terrible level. ***** those dark magic oolacile residents. I hate having to go into that one building to get to kalameet
It's not unfair, you're just bad
it's a fair level you're just bad at the game. it's super easy.



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Set down the controller. Go take a hot-relaxing shower. Make a cup of coffe. Smoke a bowl. Return to your controller. (Softly) Git Gud, Casul...
there's way, way worse levels. this is one of the fair ones.
Really? I love this level. I think it's a great return to form a la Undead Burg after mucking through Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith. Good pacing, good enemy placement, good exploration. And creepy as ****.
if i kill manus, will i still be able to invade here?
In that house where you obtain the dark orb, there is a ledge/small bridge that was leading to the other building but it's broken. If you stand at the end of it and drop a prism stone, you'll hear a scream. Any ideas what that might be?
That's just the prism stone shattering, they do that if dropped from heights that would kill the player
it's probably Dusk
is there eney info about very good carving
how do you get dark bead?
chasm of the abyss
PLZ PROCEED WITH CAUTION IN THIS PART IF U HAVE TRIOPHOBIA(dont even search). I got triggers by those bloated heads and that made this place uncoformatble
I believe you meant "trypophobia"; fear of irregular patters or clusters of holes or bumps
Chaos Eaters much worse for that than these guys.



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i dont know why but this area is ludicrously active for multiplayer
It's an area where people stop leveling up at to fight each other, which is at lvl 120.
The screaming heard throughout the area is taken from Harry Potter, it’s cool as hell.
i kept trying to find its source
the place artorias met his end