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By Anonymous
I just cant get this mask to drop.. I create a new character, speedrun to catacombs, jump down to kill pinwheel, but I think the estoc goes through the pinwheel cuz I only get the mask of Father and the kiddo, its been 5 hours and I have 17 characters with wrong masks..
By Anonymous
people call me a try hard for using this.... I just think it looks cool dawg
By pelida77
The mask doesn't boost criticals or anything like that... I don't like the masks (they look quite ugly) but maybe a good player, will make a lower than Meta build, and to get the extra HP points they will wear this mask... And a Good player will BS you, and I would argue that the thing that differentiates a good player from a new player is how he BS and how he avoid BSs
By Anonymous
do u say mask of the dad looks ugly too ?!?!??!
By Anonymous
u are dumb if u dont use items adn armors or rings that game gives you