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This guy was such an ******.
Yeah, it took me a few tries. Pinwheel can be frustrating
Pinwheel can be frustrating? How did you make it through the tutorial...
pinwheel is the easiest boss in the game
Found the Jerma
Ah the Tryhard mask that every Soccer Mom and their kids need to use to be good at the game...
You sound crazy bitter
You sure your not refering to the Crown of Dusk?
Really, of all the broken***** in this game people use for crutches, have you EVER seen someone wearing this mask? I've never seen this mask on any of my characters, let alone another player.
21 Jul 2019 anon, 7 / 10 of my characters have this mask and pretty much everyone wears it at sl120, or crown of dusk.
Out of all three mask. This one is the most forgotten.
Best mask ever!
The tasks of the mother never receive their full due credit. Thats one of the reasons why we have Vaginas Day in Feb, and Mothers Day in May. Just 2 of many holidays rooted in Sentimentalism, then exploited through Capitalism..
Cute >_<
So very cute!
Who here doing an Iron Mom build. With the tarkus set and this mask, it's the perfect counter to send Giant Dad sleeping in the dog house.
this mask is broken: +10% means +1/3 of your HP stacking with FAP ring so you just go from 600 to 900, from 1500 to 2000 as you can see the advantage in early game is huge to save levels


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>if the mother is dealt the killing blow

what...? Im pretty sure its just a 1/3 chance for pinwheel and then lower for the copies before nito
Tryhard ahead
This mask is synonymous with backstab only players. Literally every invader I face who wears this backstab fishes exclusively and nothing makes me cringe as hard as these players even if I beat them.
Git gud