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By Anonymous
What even is this page. The entirety of the “Smough section” is just story recap and wild speculation with very little correlation. Get outside, touch grass tarnished, my god.
By KnightofNight
What happened to the link? It doesnt take me anywhere.
By Anonymous
The sky and cosmos might be one... but Berserk and Bloodborne aren't. The inspiration is very apparent though
By Anonymous
have you heard about Lovercraft....?
By Anonymous
Sounds like a strange *** minecraft mod
By Anonymous
I really like the main theories and themes carried over (probably gonna try watching berzerk when i have time), but whoever keeps going on literally any wiki page to add "item X is related to berzerk" under the lore needs to chill. Dude's clearly been practicing his mental gymnastics for years and still only deserves a bronze medal
By Anonymous
Update: watched Berzerk. Liked it a lot. Still think almost all of this is a real reach
By Anonymous
Miyazaki and Miura are actually the same person. Why do you think Berserk hasn't had a steady release schedule since he moved up the ranks in FS? Idolmasterru? BULSHITTERRU!!@
By Anonymous
This was pretty interesting but you sound like a real *****, Rakukakuyomo.
By Anonymous
Whatever seems to go over the aesthetic aspect seems just trying to validate what has not evidence..
By Anonymous
Great writing and conclusions. I think they are interesting, I would never thought of the possibility of the lore intersecting.