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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

You can favorite a second weapon to switch between with left d-pad.

There's bonuses to holding high amounts scrap vs storing them in the bank. Using crafting or op-med will reset bonus counter.
Acually it resets only if you use the med bay. You can still use the fabricater to store scrap and reset foes. But you keep the multiplier for scrap.
Some more tips:
- Techscrap modifier increases with the NUMBER OF ENEMIES KILLED, not the amount of techscraps you carry.
- Carrying large amount of techscraps only gives bonus buffs. So far, I've only discovered increased stamina (need confirmation), and (maybe) health regen when near death.

- If you're on PC, you can use the quicksave feature. F5 to save, F8 to reload. The quicksave state gets deleted when you exit the game. Utilize (rather, exploit) quicksave to reduce med-bay usage and keep your techscrap multipliers. But of course, that would ruin the fun of the game.

- You can also warp instantly to Operations by using the quicksave bug:
1. Quicksave before a fight.
2. Right at the moment of your death, quickload. You'll load back to Ops without losing any techscraps.

CORRECTION: Visiting Operations does make enemies respawn, but it DOES NOT reset techscrap modifier. It is only reset when you use Med-Bay.
It also reset if you use a first aid station. Also, among the benefits of very high scrap is increased chance of finding healing item/auto refill of injectables when you beat an enemy. You really won't have to go back, just spawn weak mobs and your heals will comeback. Then you can farm a lot,
In the gear assembly, you can directly craft higher tier gears or upgrade to higher tiers by clicking Q or E to chance what mk you want to craft the armor/tools into, meaning if you don't have to track down low-level enemies to get new gears or upgrade new weapons.

This is probably obvious to most people, but I didn't realize it at first, so I wasted a lot of time backtracking to gathering lower-tier materials for new gears and weapons. Don't make the same mistakes I did people!
You can't just run and hit something till it dies all the time. Some enemies will not be overwhelmed and will punish you for recklessness instead. Dodge and block, then counter. Don't be so greedy with combos, esp if it won't stagger, just a few hits them back up. If you want a body piece, you should note that the enemy is tougher there, you can spare one or two hit to a the face, or some unarmored part, then hit the body a lot. ( the body must take majority of the damage or the carve will fail, don't bother if it's a brittle enemy) I also want to emphasize luring. Use the drones laser from afar to take advantage of dumb ai, and drag one enemy away from a large group. Pick them off one at a time. . I've got a lot to say about blocking. The first is that this isn't NOT dark souls and there more merit to blocking. If you have a single sword, your blocking is meh, but if you have dual claws, or large weapons, it's 100 percent damage reduction unless the enemy is huge.striking after a block will yield a counter move which has some nice stagger power. Against mobs, it's pretty handy. Even some of the bosses, like fire bug. His single robo hand slam can be blocked, then you can counter him faster than backing up and running to him again.
I'll add liquidator gear. You become toxic proof( full set needed) and have beast element resist, eventually in the game, besides meeting lots of poison, you will find many flame and gas users who deal mostly element damage. You will fight these types for a long time, so liquidator is a great investment,