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This game's plot is it's weakest sopt. However it would be really nice for someone to write it down. Some of my questions: 1. What kind of tech Creo used in the final area? It was really out of touch with the rest of the game. Who developed it?. 2. Who is Sally (and what did all this scene in the board room mean)? 3. It would be nice to accumulate all info about CREO, Reveal and Utopia, and about all characters (including audio ones) in articles. 4. So how game story ends (in general) - is there 2 endings (because it wasn't very obvious)?
Sally is an AI. You can find her mainframe in the server room. There's a wall that write S.A.L.L. and there's one machine that has the sticky note with the word Sally on it (it's hidden on the side)
I've made a summary about the story and also a theory that goes deeper into the story than what we can see on first sight.

To answer your first question, It's the nanites. The same stuff in the gear assembly that allows you to construct gear. You also see examples and get a small expanation of the stuff in R&D outside of ops in all the displays. I haven't gotten the whole story behind the final area but here's what I've gleaned: Creo developed the nanites to make constructing stuff super fast but something went wrong and the nanites ended up corrupting people which turned them into the Chrysalis enemies that you fight. Basically they're all part of a hive-mind which is represented in the Rogue Process at the end of the game.
The technology in the last part of the game is the nanite technology that they where using to repair the atmosphere. Sally is a medical technition that worked for CREO and served the as aid to the people who staffed the executive suite. There are two endings to the game. The first occurs when you stop the Utopia protocol and the satalite launches, but th nanites are deactivated. This along with the absence of the CREOnet that's mentioned in the game promps the us goverment to investigate. The second occurs when you don't upload the virus resulting in the nanite destroing technologies that humanity has created to prevent us from harming the earth again.
What do graffiti mean?
The graffiti is telling you stuff about the environment for example the ‘burns like hell’ is telling you how it harms you and it’s referring to the sludge on the ground
I feel like warren is in hell, bound to repeat the same events over and over till the end of time no matter what he try's.
Should make sense. My guess is that a simple electrical error causes the sedation to fail during his operation, and at the neural link drilling, where the game cuts-to-black, Warren dies instantly, and therefore arrives in a purgatory-like scenario, where he is stuck in a loop to do the same thing over and over. Explained by the wheelchair in the ending, the blood in the station, and of course, the everything-goes-wrong situation.
Spoilers ahead!!! And worse, guesses as to wtfs going on.

From what I gather, the main story line goes as follows.

The world has been harvested by men for a long time and is now ROYALLY screwed up, so Mr. Gutentag wanted to fix it with project Resolve. Resolve was going to reseed the atmosphere and fix everything. Resolve was put into action before it was done being tested and it was discovered that it makes the toxic stuff that we keep tripping over through the game. Resolve was seen as a failure by most, and project UTOPIA was created where instead of using chemistry to fix everything, nano machines were going to be used to fix it all. The head boffin working on UTOPIA was working to kill 95% of the worlds population using UTOPIA, but the remaining 5% would be near gods. Mr. Gutentag might have known about the whole mass murder thing, and might not, but he was thinking about trying to upload peoples minds to computers. Warren is guided through the game by Sally who is a Nurse program, designed to keep the Board members up and running, whether they want to or not. I believe she wanted Warren to assist the board in various ways with his fleshy physical hands, while she was just a hologram. After seeing her job failed and all members of the board dead, it fries her circuits and she "dies."
Warren dont give a *****.
Right about here is where my conjecture starts.
After heading down towards the missile, we get an audio log that says the tank wasnt designed to hold project UTOPIA for that long, and we see a containment vessel by the Rouge Process and I believe that UTOPIA broke out of its vessel and started infecting CREO from the ground up. Nanites are tiny 'lil ****ers, so their takeover would be subtle until it was too late, when they got into the computer systems and fried everything. I believe that all the security forces are quite brain dead, and the only survivors are the people we run into (and possibly kill.) As we saw with the engie-turned-security Irina, the nanites could control peoples minds with the neural links, making them do what the Rouge wants, like guarding the place. When "The Surge" happened, everybody with a neural link had visions of other minds, agony, and various other nasty things. I think at that moment, Rouge went into every Neural link and copied/took everybody's mind. A few resisted, were too drugged up to get a hold of, and some had dead power cores. Those that resisted eventually fell, the one that was drugged has multiple people in his head, but the only people that didnt really get affected was warren and Hobbs. I had Hobbs die, so I assume that he would have fallen to the Rouge eventually. Warren was thrown outside with the garbage, and didnt have a power core, so i think his "wifi" wasnt enabled at the time.

At the end of the game I think Rouge lived through our fight, and escaped into the world to do whatever it damn well pleases. I seriously doubt smacking a nanite cloud with a stick is enough to defeat it, even with an amazing stick. Warren crawled to his wheelchair, and I didnt see any handicap ramps while running around, just a **** ton of stairs, so I think he probably got killed by Rouge, got eaten by nanites, or starved to death.

Thats my take on the story, take it or leave it, but lemme know what you think :D
Great job on that, I think that Warren could still get to the medbay if there is a "The Surge 2" project.
sounds about right
The surge 2 is already out!
The surge is pretty good but I have a threoy that is that the workers are dead and the rigs are controlling their corpses
You read my mind!!
I'm pretty sure it's lore. I think they are called zombies and you can see they are dead if you look closely enough. There are only a few who stayed alive and they are located in the executive forum (echelon ix guards) and I'm not even sure all of them are alive
Yes. In the very beginning Warren tells Sally that he is surrounded by dead people.
Its all a dream. The surge takes place in warrens head. Kinda like the movie total recall. Some proof. Near the first place you meet irina theres a vid on the wall playing about dream vacations. You can go anywhere you want using your neural implant
No, this video refers to the second DLC.
Wow! The same *****ing boring "twist" that everyone thinks is edgy and cool. Yeah how about you actually try next time? Or is it that this game is just so shallow, that boring *** theories like this are just standard?
You do find the friend of Chavez, there is a dead body near the place you upload the virus. She was found out and killed. Her audio log is also nearby.
Ive got a weird theory about all this. I think the surge is Sally's hell. She is the good ai of creo. She was supposed to deal with a rogue nanotechnology threat. It would consume, evolve, be aggressive and evil...in actuality, the ai lost, the nanite entity escaped. The ai of creo is left ruined with piles of corpses, she is playing back what happened, looping it. Trying to finish it but never really being able to. Warren and everyone else are dead souls/ minds fused by the nano entity when it took over the systems and messed with everything. Souls like warren, and mallory are not so damaged or maybe strong enough that sally chooses to control them as puppets, trying to score a win, which never happens. ( Mallory is another girl who sally tries to order around, similar to warren, except she grows tired, and refuses to enter the executive form and is killed by sally. Her death is very surreal, several wounds appear on her and she feels terrible pain then wastes away) perhaps sally revealed her true body, which was completely wrecked in real life or maybe sally keeps us alive, and in truth we are bloody pulps, because of all our deaths in the games. This also explains warrens revives. Sally will reset him, since he is the most determined. Maybe the others like hobs are just too weak to order around, or what if warren and Mallory were real. The reason why they had a painful no anesthesia surgery was because sally tampered with it. What if the anesthesia was having your mind linked to the server, which was hijacked by the nanitemass, then forcing them to sleep( feel no pain, but become infected later, since nanite already hacked it, like irina). They were never connected to the nanite thing, so they actually were ordered around by sally/ tried to stop it, but failed. And sally just reuses them in this weird limbo. Trying to win. Maybe when they lost, all the minds stolen by the nanite thing ( warrens and Mallory included, since they lost) was left there in creo, since the nanite thing left. then merged with sally and they just repeat their last moments. Or maybe they aren't in creo, maybe they are already in the nanite mass, and we are just reliving a few days/ hours before doom.
I'm gonna update. It might not be a loop or some weird limbo. When warren returns to a wheel chair after being injured, it could symbolize that he hasn't given up and will return in game 2. Warren never overcharges and fries rogue professor ( that's how he kills the nanite mass enemies). So thats still an issue.
Mallory is not killed by Sally. Mallory is going insane. And because Sally asks Mallory to come up where it's dangerous, she thinks Sally wants her dead..
there's some extra story stuff in the park dlc, warren went to the park with his girlfriend, then some accidents happened and warren wanted to work for creo to walk again, his girlfriend disagrees and think creo isn't the answer, and finally his girlfriend bought him an iron maus shirt and tell him to wear it in the interview