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Black Cerberus Gear, Goliath Class. (Black Cerberus Arm Gear, Black Cerberus Body Gear, Black Cerberus Head Gear, Black Cerberus Leg Gear) Wearing a full set of Black Cerberus Gear grants increased damage when at a high level of energy.
increases attack instead of defense like the normal cerberus set ?

kinda makes me wonder why the bloody proteus set does the same thing as the normal one...
Are we sure about Bloody Proteus ?
maybe someone can confirm that ?
maybe it has better regen ?
maybe its exactly the same ?


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The set bonus for Bloody Proteus is exactly the same, but the defensive stats are a bit different. This table only deals with the set bonuses, because adding the defense values would make the tables enormous. That's what the individual set pages are for.
The new Search and Rescue Armor from the Walk in the Park DLC grants each of your healing injectables an extra charge as its set bonus.
The Ogre Set causes all attacks that slam the ground to make a shockwave and the Mantis set reduces the cost of all injectables by 25%
Stealthy Assassin set (Goliath Class) from The Good, The Bad, The Augmented DLC grants healing from cutting limbs (seems to be about the equivalent of Aggression Amp 1 as far as I can tell) and allows healing above full health.
Secret Assassin set (Goliath Class) from The Good, The Bad, The Augmented DLC converts excess energy after reaching max energy to stamina and boosts Impact every time energy is converted.
What is the best gear set overall
MG Gorgon - Stam Regen on full set (You can wear the wild west dlc hats and shoes to look better, reduce core power costs and still get the buff), Highest defence but high core power costs But depends mostly on your playstyle but that set suits most playstyles and can be obtained early Asclepius/Scarab/Mantis/Liquidator are also some good choices
How the hell did I get the black Cerberus helmet the black Cerberus rig the black Cerberus leg gear but didn't get the black Cerberus armor gear??! WTF? I can't help but feel robbed, LOL


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then you didnt cut the arm. used horizontal swings and 2h or 2rigged weapons? had the same issue until i swapped the weapon class
*Arm gear... I didn't get the black Cerberus armor gear