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Could be one of the strongest weapons in the game.

I am using these maxed out in NG+ and I have 245 damage with them at MKX and level 20 Weapon Proficiency. My other wep is a MG Judge v2.0 at MKX and 23 Weapon Proficiency with 345 damage and the claws kill enemies so much faster, like way faster. They just melt everything I come across. The 3 legged robot dogs die in 1 combo, the Cerberus security heavies with the hammers die in 1 combo and get stunned the whole time. They are also incredibly effective against bosses and with an energy gain implant you will constantly have max energy to heal or do whatever.

I cannot stress this enough. THEY ARE BEASTS.

Couldn't agree more. They're a true force of destruction in NG+. The speed & damage of them... just wow
cut the right arm...got mimetic sword?
it was his right arm. not the arm that you saw on the right.
idiot thinks he's funny. at the end of my second run i cut off his right arm (main weapon hand) and got the mimetic sword too. also at the end of my first run i cut off his head and got two mimetic swords. at the moment i'm at the end of my third run and this time i will go for his left arm.
update: just finished my third run. i cut off his left arm this time and still got mimetic sword. there must be another condition. do you need to upload the virus? the 1st time i uploaded it and went for his head. the 2nd time i didn't for the other ending. this time i had no virus. probably skipped something. on my 4th run i will upload the virus and cut off his right arm.
Unlike other Twin-Rig weapons, this one has a sword and a rig weapon. It is slower despite having a high attack speed.
**Like some other weapons, if you hold down the vertices or horizontal attacks you'll do a charge up hit with the sword part**
They can also be obtained by opening the security door in R&D(where the proteus enemies are) there will be chrysalis enemies in there with this weapon.
This is wrong. These enemies drop the Metamorphing Talons, just like in the Nucleus.
No you are wrong, these are ONLY from cutting off the bosses arm at the end of the game.
No they can't. Those mobs drop the Metamorphing Talons not the Claws of the Gestalt.
I find myself mildly disappointed that these things aren't actually claws - they're a paired sword and armblade, not proper two or three-bladed claws.

Come to think of it, I haven't found those claws that showed up in the combat trailer either. All of the twin-rigged weapons I've seen thus far have been either armblades like the Butterfly and Metamorphing Talons, or blunt weapons like the Inducer.
The claw weapon in the combat trailer are Codename: Valkyrie. If you return to Barrett after killing Black Cerberus, he is a PROTEUS enemy and, if you sever his right arm, you can get them.
moveset is much closer to onehanded weapon then twin rig.

think of it as a sword sprinkled with some twinrig within the sword combos.
R1/RB does sword attacks, R2/RT does twin-rigged attacks.
Is it normal to get 2 pairs? o-o i got 2 for some reason
I got two MG Judges, I think it's a glitch.
I've seen quite a bit a confusion regarding this weapon, but I think I see how to properly get it after some research. I don't believe which arm you cut effects it as I've seen it drop from both the right and left. I believe in phase one you have to kill all four of Rouge Process' arms, then in the second phase just make sure all your damage is either going to right or left arm (only one, not both) to ensure you successfully cut the arm when the finisher is ready. Hope this helps anyone trying to get the weapon.
can someone confirm this? this would explain why i didnt get it