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By Anonymous
First Playthrough I killed both of them. Idc tbh lmao.
They put her in a very bad spot that she will die very easily.

and the dude I accidentally killed while trying out a weapon lmao. didn't even noticed him there.
By Anonymous
They could have at least signalized her being friendly NPC. Like her talking the moment you open the room would save me so much trouble. I actually managed to kill her 2 times... both times I went in and saw robot lying on the ground w8ing for me to come closer to attack me so I did like any selfrespecting souls player and pressed attack button. By the time first attack hit I already pressed for second one so her finally talking after first hit landed was too late.
Am I only person that managed to reflexively kill her 2 times in the row and helped her only 3th time?
By Anonymous
My first instinct when things are barely moving is to slowly approach, like how you technically don't wake up those robo dogs when you're a few inches away lol so the talk option was easy for me
By Anonymous
There is a bug where he doesn't actually give you the card, even if the new item notification pops out. I managed to get the card by talking again to him and running away instead of saying goodbye.