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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Maddy can be killed. If so than Alec will be found dead outside Ops with an Audio Log.
I died right in front of Maddy before i could talk to her, she was gone and so was Alec, I see the audio log but am unable to pick it up :S
I backtracked near the end of the game to give him the leg and Alec is missing, I did not see Maddy in the last few zones but Alec is missing.
Where's the service station they go to?
Nevermind, it's the ops station in that area.
nooooo! maddy ! i tried! how could you die on me!
This game was made by a truly depraved person if their idea of an interesting story is "go on now, Tell the father her daughter is dead and there's nothing either of you could do to save her because Lol"
How the hell do you get to her behind the crates the second time?
Trust me, It's better you never find that out. I did and I haven't touched the game since
I forgot to get a leg and made it to the nucleus. Then I backtracked through the levels and found Maddy in the exhibition floor medbay asking me to bring her daddy back to her :(
Same happened to me. Alec is dead just outside the Ops in R&D, up the stairs on the exhibition floor, next to a voice recording.
Schrödingers Alec Norris
I made it to the Final Step. Went to give Alec the Pendent but he was Dead... but i was still able to talk to him .... I dont know why...
But also nothing Happens if i try to...

I just found her and was like "Oh, it's a robot! I bet it's based on his dead kid or something. I wond-"
And then the flamethrower*****I'd ran past came up to the doorway and blasted her while I was listening to her. Sad as hell, man.