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So does anybody know what the difference between the bloodied and regular PROTEUS gear is? Besides aesthetics of course. I noticed it consumes more core power than the regular one, so it should be better in some way right?
I'm afraid not :( I spent tons of scrap and components to craft an MkIII version of it, but its the same as a regular Proteus. Maybe it's needed for a quest or something, otherwise this set is pretty much useless.
Well thats a bummer
Seems to be higher defence across the board for all stats. Other than that, not sure. might be the same as the Proteus gear, might have slightly higher regen (which I doubt as that could just be overpowered)
I think it give's free injections back at random, because since I have been wearing it I randomly get injectable heals back. But some times when this happens it resets scrap counter other times it does not.
I believe the free injection is a random chance when your tech scrap bonus levels up and has nothing to do with any gear set.
The bloodied set does appear to gain a bit extra armor at higher levels, not much but you could consider it the PROTEUS set v.2


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Bloodied has higher Crush defense but lower Thrust than the normal one.
Pretty decent set, good defense across the board, and it's probably the only set in the game (along with standard Proteus) which provide both attack speed boost and impact bonus with it's arms. Also it don't have too much impact on stamina use, and boosting all healing effects is a plus - however still need to test it with aggresion amplifier.
increases the amount of all healing effects by 25%. (Confirmed). Boost has a nice effect on injections (like 50 -> 62 etc) and little to none effect on healing from aggression amplifaer. Аdds Passive Health regeneration same as standart Proteus set (?) Needs confirmation.
I have confirmed that this set has a faster health regen than normal protheus. Since this wiki appears to lack some info, i will try to update the rest of this wiki during my free time. It's shame since the game is fun to play despite it's flaws.
Seem a very valuable armor for me because I play without vital injection, but just with medi voltaic and maxing out energy generation.
25% more pv with medi voltaic is unvaluable, and auto regen is very good when you exit a fight with not enough energy
I compared the regen speed of the Bloodied PROTEUS and the normal PROTEUS and I couldn't tell the difference. It's either a bug or I'm missing something.
Did some testing. Both normal PROTEUS and blood PROTEUS regen 0.5 hp/sec... Sad it's not improved in the side I wanted. At least the different is not that high. And I love the red light!