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By Anonymous
Here's my question... How does blocking actually work? Sometimes I do it perfectly and can do a little counterattack and other times I get rekt. I've read that it has to do with how long you've held the button, that if you're holding for longer than a second it doesn't work. Anybody tested it at all?
By Anonymous
Blocking at the last moment increases your chance to stagger your enemy but that's it as far as I know. After you block you can counter-attack regardless if you stagger them. Some attacks are unblockable btw, all the charging attacks for example.

You can also duck or do a short hop once while you are blocking to evade an attack.

Oh, and blocking costs stamina so that's one problem with just holding it down for long periods.
By Anonymous
You can block charging attacks, actually. To completely block an attack, as far as I can tell, you need to start blocking when they begin their attack animation. It should block 100% of the time. The second attack needs a refreshed block, but it might just be easier to dodge it. Can't confirm for larger enemies or drones, though.
By Anonymous
Works fine for me so far, only had to use on the crazy twin blade wielding guys as they run at u. I just hold it when they get close. Holding it longer slowly takes ur stamina so u might not have enough left to withstand the attack ur trying to block
By Anonymous
Can we get a description of damage types? Every weapon causes multiple different types of damage in the details, and they don't add up to the total damage either. Is there a benefit to weapons with increased elemental damage, crush, slash, or thrust?
By Anonymous
Got the Same Problem with blocking its Frustrating...
By Anonymous
Blocking only works if you have enough stamina, some attacks such as twin blade double arm cross are not blockable same with heavy duty vertical attacks. Stamina drain is related to how much dmg is delt to you. Funny how security can block everything you dish out tho.
By Anonymous
Many of the powerful late game weapons are elemental. This is strong vs many foes but against element resist enemies...not so. The titan( huge two handed hammer in the first area) deals pure crush damage for most of its moves, at times it is better than some late weapons. Different enemies have different weaknesses. With blocking, weapon type is to be considered. Huge weapons like dual claws, single rig and giant hammer /sword /Axe can nullify a blockable attack, flimsier weapons won't be able to absorb everything, but you can still counter attack after,
By Anonymous
For the dual rigged guys that sprint at you, slide attack trips them up and gives way for a follow up. After your follow up, if they arent dead, dodge backward once as they will launch a single uninterruptible short-ranged attack. Once evaded, terminate with ease.
By Jack_Walter
Blocking them with Single Rigged and Heavy duty is a good alternative. Dont block them up close or they do a cross slash which ALWAYS penatrates your defence. Just tease them into running at you (Which you know they will) then block
By Anonymous
Interesting but weird occurrence when fighting RHINO zombies using the yokusoe butterflies, slide attacking deals two different damage numbers - the first occurring when your feet hit their legs, usually around 23 damage
By Anonymous
Slide attack with various weapon types will do this. For instance, the P.A.X blade.
By Anonymous
This would be good spot to detail combat mechanics. There seems to be a necessity for impact (staggering / stability depletion), but what is the secret sauce? Most times I mow through mobs and don't have much of a dismemberment window (using heavy duty with Lynx). But if I use a lighter weapon, I just futilely chip away at their health but don't stagger them.
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By lapdragon
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The only weapons with visibly high impact early on are the heavy duty and single-rigged. Later, you'll get armor that increases your impact, and lighter weapons with native higher impact values - somewhere around act IV (R&D), you'll notice that on most human enemies, you can stagger reliably even against armored bodyparts with a one-handed weapon. Around that time you'll also meet the PROTEUS Test Subjects, who will show you a whole new world of pain.
By Anonymous
How to dash attack on ps4
By Anonymous
that press x then r1 or r2 to dash attack