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By Anonymous
You have some countering mechanics in this game if you like to block. Simply succeed in blocking( some moves are unblockable) then strike, you will use a high impact counter that opens them up to more attack. While blocking, if you move the stick up or down, you will do a jump or bend, which combos into a knee strike or jumping punch if you attack. This can hop over low strikes and duck high swings. Those low damage strikes have even more impact and often knocks down a humanoid. It’s hard to use it because you have to know what is being thrown at you, bend or jump and it better not be a vertical slash. I’ve found that stamina management, then block and hit is the more natural choice. You also have good ol dodge and hit with the quick hop then strike or backstep strike if you have no directional input to the hop. A lot of the dumb enemies are easily dispatched by spacing, moving a little and allowing them to miss, then hammering them, or just cutting them down if you have high impact weapons.
By Anonymous
Noone seems to be explaining how combat works on a basic level. I understand the basic controls, but what’s a slide attack? How do you a jump attack? Are there others? Noe of this is explained.
By Anonymous
You run with the sprint button and hold and release attack