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Too bad there's not much incentive to actually upgrade to higher tier items... All bonus stats that actually give items personality, stay the same apart from some extra defence.
hear hear
fun game but replay ability seems weak... doing ng+ now but eh
So when you start a new game. when you are wheeling yourself to recruitment there is nothing out of the ordinary but in new game plus they sneak in a blood trail leading to a vent across from recruitment.
I was positively suprised when I first time seen it. Hoping for ng+2 will be more of this things
No new armor or weapons, not really worth replaying.
Yeah but using end game armors like cerberus effectively becomes possible. And builds become more important.
There are actually new weapons.
I started new game and none of my materials were converted like it says. I still have my nano core from the first game and still have materials from Mk 1 to Mk 4



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I just added on to/tweaked the "What carries over" (and not) sections to say that UNCONVERTED materials are upgraded (the "Broken Parts" collected from enemies that have NOT been brought to a Gear Assembly) and that the previous NG cycle's components DO remain in your inventory but are unusable and take up space since the next cycle's Gear Assembly only displays the new cycle's Mk tiers.

This should help a lot of people, I hope. Clarity, other Wiki editors... clarity.
So what are the "secrets"?! I see everyone writing that line and yet i have seen no one say what the secrets are. Im almost at the end of NG+ and i found no "secret". Is it audio logs? Was hoping for something nicer like new weapon or armor set. They should have saved an armor set for NG+.
There are some NG+ weapons. They are worn by by different enemies. ie got a Broken Spectrebite in the blue room with the 7 enemies right before Big Sister 1/3.
Let me share some secrets, when the game first begins, and you are in the train, you can press square and see a huge rocket or missed launch. there are some blood stains and drag marks in the first area before you choose your rig. The boss fire bug will visit,you in area one, just after you meet sally and leave. He won't fight, he will just fly around then fly away.
You also see Firebug descending into some shaft in the start of second level. Funny thing is that if you don't know about second boss, you can just ignore and forget this encounter. But in the latest playthrough you see it and think "Oh, hello annoying bugger".
Actually, it should be enough nano cores to upgrade a complete armor set and 2 (!) Weapons (maybe one box came with a later DLC? In that case the info here is just outdated :D)