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Isn't there also the "lynx" style twin rig claws? you can see them at the beginning of the game when you pick you rig
The firebug is pretty much "lynx" style as it's the only set that matches the color of the painted area
Yeah there is, i haven't found them yet, but they are in the game and have also been showcased in the game video's, only way I've heard of getting them is from the new special enemy's in the new game+ mode.
after a while Gene Barrett will became a machine too (https://*/AdMTUs).
If you attack him and cut off his arm you can get a weapon called valkyria (https://*/MKd3wW)
Are you on new game plus? How did you get the black cerberus armor? other than the boss, i only found one other black cerberus dude guarding the entrance to the launch pad.


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no i'm not in newgame+ yet . here how i got it http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928184866
actually i didn't know, it was a nice surprise xDxD
thanks for this! the weapon is half-half slash/thrust. no elemental or crush.
is it just me or is the inducer outclassed by the firebug... you get the firebug first though so it does have me confused


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Firebug has better scaling. Especially 2.0 version
inducer is ballanced dammage type. so its an all around and will do good for all mobs.

jack of all trades sort of thing
i thought there was one more twin rig were it had to blades on each side
valkyrie is what you might be thinking of, some one has an image of it and how to obtain it in new game. else the first mob in NG+ has it
claws of gestalt is quite something. one hand is a sword and the other is half of a twin rig.
the move set is somewhere in-between both weapons
hi you forgot, code name valkyrie
uhh where are the wire cutters you see in the technitian job room?
Ya it is weird u see them for lynx job and in a tv weapon show case ingame yet the weapon its sf is goon
In game, it's called Codename: Valkyrie.