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Killed the 4th enemy that drops this, killed it, died to the toxic waste before I could pick it up and went back. Enemy gone, no coin anywhere, no coin in inventory. S.o.l. 3 coins in inventory and can't get the 4th one. Are there spare coins in the game? Any other way of getting the missing coin?
happened to me as well damn acid
The same
thing happened to me. It seems we discovered something that needs to be patched
The liquidator armor makes you immune to the toxic ooze, next time just equip the set before fighting that 4th one
Same happened to me I guess not 😂
So what are these actually for? Got them all in my first playthrough and ive just picked them all up again in NG+ and still cant work out what to do with them
You go to the iron maus vending machine by the exit from the exhibition floor, feed them to the machine.
Thanks very much! Was wondering where people we getting that hilarious armor haha.
I had all 5 coins and used on the vending machine only took one coin off me and didn't open the secret door. Now it's bugged and refuses to accept the rest
Okay so did you try to open it on NG+? If so, i think it actually takes 10 coins then. The original 5 and then the NG+ 5 because the armor will be mark VI. That's my theory atleast, I will test it and report back.
Okay so i tested it, that was the case for NG+. I had to recollect all 5 coins from the current game smelter bots to get it to open.
Yea this happen to me too, Shining Coin is gone nowhere to be seen and now I can't get IronMaus set