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tl;dr If you want to avoid weird/awkward quest progression with Jo - give her 10 000 before fighting the Big Sister 1/3.

A word of advice regarding her 2nd appearance - if you don't have 10k for her at the time and proceed onward along the path (there's only 1 path - up the catwalk), you may (like silly me) actually engage the boss fight. I was also quite silly in venturing to RnD right away, without trying to look if Jo is stil at her spot... What ended up happening - the events of the third encounter (when she tries to gas you), but when I managed to get to her room - there was no Equalizer (never had that weapon in my inv.) and upon checking my Organizer, I could not later on find a log titled Dear Micky. (Also, never found her for 4th encounter, she was gone from 'my' game ;-;)

Same thing happened to me except I didn't get to her room till after I had the security rig and was coming back to head to the applied/experimental sciences near this area... the gas was there, nothing on the desk or room and there was two bodies on the floor. Bottomline I guess is if you want the Sunglasses achievement, just don't give her scrap if you play the Plus version of the play through.
Do you get anything for doing the questline?


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Giving her scrap lets her build the Equalizer which you can get two ways. Not giving her scrap lets you get the Sunglasses when you find her room. Both lead to achievements, but one requires you give her scrap three times and one requires you ignore her completely.
I got sunglasses cause I didnt do her quest XD
Like the post below, neither the equalizer nor the sunglasses appeared in either location even thoughI gave jo scrap at all three locations.
lame, didnt even find her in the first place
I managed to get the Equalizer and a living Hobbs. I DIDN'T go down the poison corridor until AFTER I gave her the 15,000, the only thing in the room was the Mickey dialogue - all three names were still crossed out. I made my way back to production and found Hobbs standing outside ops staring at a puddle of blood with the Equalizer lying in it. I never got his secondary dialogue about Jo or Mickey, I'll have to try on another play.
Did the first and second encounter and went into the gas room; took the weapon told i'll keep it and gave her the scraps for third encounter. Hobbs lives and the gas room has grafitti as well as a lil' surprise. ;)
Steal her weapon in her room, Don't give her the weapon back, give her scrap instead, she will try to build the weapon again, but it will take too much time, hobs won't die.
Ffs I gave her the weapon back hoping she would be cool with me and ask for more tech scrap...how am I supposed to know how she will react... Now I have to do 2 extra playthroughs if I want those 2 trophies....nope lol ***** that



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You're not supposed to know anything, that's what your first playthrough of any game is like. However, the fact that you're on the wiki seems to indicate that you have no issue with looking things up.