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The Damage stat is calculated including the weapon proficiency.
Had 70 damage with the Mk. II with proficiency level 9 and 72 damage with level 10.

Maybe the spgrade table should include the raw stats and not the overall damage stats?
raw stats would require data-mining which I'm guessing no one has done



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I've been running a few test playthroughs using only one or two weapon types trying to get "base stats" for the upgrade pages, and I've been documenting the damage changes as my proficiency levels up. Most of the weapons have suprisingly low Mk 0 stats.

I've actually unpacked the game too, but I'm having a devil of a time finding the stats for the weapons - if anybody's good at finding that kind of data, I'd be more than happy to share the unpacked data files.
With Mark VI NG+, no proficiency whatsoever, it was a 7 damage difference.
Somehow, I failed to get this even though it didn't get hit by rockets once. There were a couple moments early on where it randomly fell over even before I filled the orange bar, so maybe it glitched out?
That happened to me as well. I believe what happened was he was too close to the wall where there is a slight overhang, so when he fired his rockets, they hit the overhang and detonated immediately causing him damage. I hadn't really noticed it before I got the kill and by then it was too late.
For me, he was right next to the lift to the maglev. Thing is, he hadn't even gotten to the rocket stage yet. The orange bar was 3/4 of the way full, yet he still randomly fell down.
To get this you actually wait for him to do his leg stomp and hit the other leg when one is raised. Then pound him. Rinse and repeat. Easy kill
So what does this version actually do thats better? I have all the boss weps with v2.0 and know all the combos etc. Except this *****er haha.
Charging a vertical slash will do a ground pound sort of thing instead of a stab.
It has a shockwave infused ground slam attack
This is the only v.2 boss weapon I missed when I started. Can we still get the 2.0 version in NG+ If we have the reg version in inventory?
Yes. Confirmed on NG+
i just did it. you can get the v2.0 on ng+ if you have the regular version.
i did not get it even though i followed instructions to hardcore kill to the letter. dont let pax near walls
do note that in order to actually get him to fall, you must first remove the armor on the legs
Can confirm that you CAN NOT get it in NG+.

I'm in NG++ and I still don't have it. In NG I legit missed it, but in NG+/+ I made sure he was never near walls and never took any damage from his own rockets. Still drops the regular version every time.
I can confirm you definitely can get it. I missed it in the first playthrough and got it in NG+, it's just an awkward one to get :/
just got PAX V2.0 in NG+ 5 minutes ago