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By Vismar
Added some info to the page :p
The 'sword' dropped from the Rogue Process boss on my first playthrough. It was "Purple" (or Nano-upgraded, MK. V) level right away.
Already upgraded it further during my NG+, otherwise I'd throw in the base stats. :(
By Anonymous
what limb did you cut? Because for me when I cut the right arm, I got the twin-rigged claws of the gesthalt, not this thing.
By Vismar
Was cutting it's 'right' limb, if I recall, it was the one which was shining bright blue for me. Then defeated the boss in his 'compact' form. Using melee droid to push/stun the boss and dodging/poking with a staff from afar otherwise.
By Anonymous
U have to cut down the head of the last boss to get the One-Handed blade.
By Anonymous
It can also be dropped on the first mob in the elevator after defeating Black Cerberus on NG+ (I just got mine just now while playing)

By Anonymous
ill put this here
found mine in resolve labs
also the one who put the base stats
By Anonymous
I got this game off PlayStation Store for PS4 and I'm on NG+now, I'm a t Central Production B and I just encountered a Patchwork Zombie on the first bridge I cross after Ops. He has an Equalizer and I can figure out how to reset his weapon, please help.
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By lapdragon
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Patchwork Zombies are a pest to reset on the PC - if you have the ability to back up your save file to USB, that's probably the best way to ensure you can keep trying. Back up your file, then start looking for the Patchwork Zombie - DO NOT KILL ANYTHING once you see the zombie - your game will save after either an enemy or you die, which will lock the Patchworks' inventory. Just run up close enough to see what weapon he's got, and then either kill something closeby to save him to your file, or reload your game save immediately and run back up to him, he should reset each time you reload.
By That_OneGamerYT
Walk into ops, hold the action button on either the medbay or weapon and armor upgrade station.