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By Anonymous
To get the hardcore kill, you need to hit his legs and not let him get hit by his own missiles once. Eventually hitting his legs will cause him to drop as if he was hit by his own missiles, and you can hit his weak points.
Doing this gets you the P.A.X. Imperator V2.0 which is a super version of his regular weapon.
By AkitakaG
Also on the note make sure you break the coverings off of both legs so when it stomps you can hit whatever leg is on ground.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I'm hitting his legs a couple of minutes and he didn't drop. What am i doin wrong? =(
By Anonymous
Original poster here, I recorded myself beating him and figured out exactly what causes him to fall.
When he no longer has armour on his feet and is not doing his missile spam, wait under him. He'll try to do his stomp move on you, so hit the leg still on the ground. If you do this then he'll fall over.
By Anonymous
The easiest way to do it is, having knocked the covers off both legs, wait for the triple stomp move. Aim to hit the leg that stomps second just as he does his third stomp. It's a long, telegraphed move that even the slowest weapons can take advantage of.
By Anonymous
This does not work anymore on ps4. I have beaten PAX 20 times without missles hitting it but I dont get the upgraded weapon from it
By Anonymous
somebody said on PS4 they didn't get the v2.0 version but i did it and i got the v2.0 and not even on purpose i just wanted to beat this after dying so many times.
By Anonymous
One thing to note is that PAX will jump forward or backward depending on if you're in front or behind it during the missile phase. If you're going for the hardcore kill, pay attention and make sure PAX isn't jumping backwards toward the green windows or the main door. The outcroppings on those walls will block the missiles, causing the explosion to down PAX and negating the hardcore kill requirement.
By Anonymous
Do note too that if this happens, you can still try it again if you let P.A.X. kill you, since that resets the attempt.
By Anonymous
the front of its legs are weakpoints for knocking it down, just aim for the leg pistons within
By Anonymous
I just killed pax for the third time and this time without his rockets hitting him yet I got the same version weapon, the same happens with final boss well
By Anonymous
Tip for P.A.X Hardcore kill, when he raises his legs to do the stomp after both are de-armored, hit the one that is on the ground, he falls much faster
By Anonymous
If you want an easy and fast kill, get the Volatile Spectre from the toxic sewer area before. Elemental absolutely tears through it.
By Anonymous
Can you defeat the same boss twice?
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By lapdragon
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You can't defeat him twice in the same save - you can defeat him again once you've beaten the main game and start NG+.
By Anonymous
Maybe i wasn't paying attention, but if this PAX is too damaged to even use its main weapon, why do the perfectly normal, factory new PAX in the BC fight have the same attacks? It's obviously to balance the super long boss fight, but is there an explained reason ingame?
By USMC_Xeno
I haven’t gotten that far yet, but this one attempts to fire some kind of cannon which malfunctions and explodes. You’re saying the undamaged ones don’t have any kind of cannon attack? That’s odd.
By USMC_Xeno
Maybe they only use it if you’re at range, and you fought it up close (since that is the strategy after all) so they have it but never used it on you?
By USMC_Xeno
Just killed BC, and the PAX unit he summons does indeed fire its main cannon at you, the weapon that exploded on the first boss. In fact you’re supposed to bait it into destroying the two white cylindrical tanks in the room if you want to get the “hardcore” kill on BC. You must simply not have noticed.
By USMC_Xeno
IF HIS STAGGER BAR IS FULL AND HE WONT FALL: Had this problem for a while, found no answers online but finally figured it out myself, so I’m here to help those having the same problem. None of the guides anywhere seem to mention this but if you’re going for the 2.0 hardcore kill weapon, what you need to do is get in there and bait the 3-stomp combo, and hit his leg WHILE THE OTHER LEG IS LIFTED. He’ll fall instantly if you attack while he’s standing on one leg, as long as the orange bar is full of course.
By Anonymous
It doesn't need to be filled up, just hitting one leg while the other is up will do