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kinda stinks theres only 5 bosses
Ikr? The Dark Souls style in this game makes me feel bad for this and for some other things, but this game looks nice.
Ds2 had a ton of boss fights but most were way to easy and essentially pointless. The Surge may only have 5 bosses but they're unique, quality fights.
The game itself id fantastic and an amazing move in the right direction there are 5 bosses and 2 minibosses. The research lab fight and the security team fight where you fight waves of smaller enemies and then a npc boss of sorts.
5 bosses... wow
sucks there's only 5 bosses :(
I think 2 more bosses were added on the creo world dlc
It would be better if they just cheesed it to insert some more bosses. Have a boss that looks exactly like the player; give him the players cool long combos, maybe make it 2 on one if it's not cool enough. Or a bigger blood hound robot that's a little faster.