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kinda stinks theres only 5 bosses
Ikr? The Dark Souls style in this game makes me feel bad for this and for some other things, but this game looks nice.
Ds2 had a ton of boss fights but most were way to easy and essentially pointless. The Surge may only have 5 bosses but they're unique, quality fights.
The game itself id fantastic and an amazing move in the right direction there are 5 bosses and 2 minibosses. The research lab fight and the security team fight where you fight waves of smaller enemies and then a npc boss of sorts.
5 bosses... wow
sucks there's only 5 bosses :(
I think 2 more bosses were added on the creo world dlc
It would be better if they just cheesed it to insert some more bosses. Have a boss that looks exactly like the player; give him the players cool long combos, maybe make it 2 on one if it's not cool enough. Or a bigger blood hound robot that's a little faster.
Little did he know that's exactly what would happen in the sequel.
No idea why people complain about the number of bosses in the game. It's fine, all of the bosses (at least in base game, never played DLC) are their own bosses.
Just take a look at Dark Souls 2. It has 1 billion bosses that are mostly uninspired and look the same. I'd rather have a few good boss fights than an absurd amount of forgettable ones that only make boss fights seem not that special.
The counter example is Dark Souls 3, where all bosses are unique, most of them are difficult the first time you do them and there's lots of them.

Though comparing The Surge 1 to Dark Souls 3 is unfair, From Software had plenty of experience when making that game and it's pretty much THE souls game.
Played all DS games and BB. DS2 is a more enhanced game than the first, but with slightly different fight timings. Bosses are a bit varied but still they are not as superb designed, as in DS3. I do miss having more bosses in The Surge compared to DS, but at least there is quite a variety. I do agree that some DS2 bosses were pretty lame though...