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Only worth 1150 souls on NG
Whenever I face Vorgel, I use giant tree seed for dogs to eliminate (or take away most of life). It's so funny.
Get him onto the stairs with him higher than you. His attacks will often go over your head and are easily dodged. Those dogs are a pain though.


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This douchebag sucked, I hated fighting him, it sucked, I had to also juggle fighting the dogs and kill as many dogs before he showed up or I had to try and run every chance I got, it sucked, me personally, it was like a boss fight except it was extremely anoying, this made me realise how much the creators of this game just love to torture their gamers/customers.
looks like someone didnt take their daily gitgudtamol
I am proud to have defeated him in one go and he dropped the winged spear + 5 which has been my main weapon up to now. Just read how lucky I was.