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By Anonymous
broadsword kicks ***
By Anonymous
f**king a right boi. if this thing ask'es me if i'm a robot again im picking the hair off my c**k with my bear hands. PEASE BRAH!
By Anonymous
How to do thrust attack with this? Is it even possible?
By Anonymous
No it's not.
By Anonymous
The sword also drops from the weird creatures in No Man's Warf (SotFS)
By Anonymous
true as well for vanilla
By leoknight
Best sword in the game - Git gud if you can't handle or play Kirby's Dreamland :P
By Anonymous
Shut the f**k up b***h, Kirby's Dream Land is M E N' S game
By Anonymous
For some reason it takes more stamina to swing than the longsword, and it's both shorter and unable to stab, so the small boost in damage really isn't worth it over the longsword unless maybe your character is both pure STR and early game, even then it's meh
By Anonymous
The broadsword is amazing for me a lot of bosses are easy to kill but they do a ton of damage
By Anonymous
Couldn't you get a blue broadsword from the chest in Majula?
By Anonymous
you're thinking of the moonlight longsword
By Anonymous
- How do you want your sword sir?
- Broad
- I understand that sir, but what length?
- Broadsword!
- Whatever. Okay at least the grip, do you want red or black?
- Blue!
- ...
By Anonymous
I love weapons like this that aren't optimal but still ideal for builds outside its category's niche. The broadsword in this game is the straight sword of choice for strength builds that want to work in a straight sword.
By Anonymous
What do you mean?