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Spell critical replaced max health
The spell crit bonus is inappropriate . The reasons for changing it from health is inappropriate ( "THEME" was their reason). There are too many sets with spell creitical in the bonuses, far too many. They are going to end up breaking the game with this "THEME" attitude of theirs and fixing things that are not broken.
It's not theme. It's living out set distribution. This is the magical version of automaton.
Having health on it was dumb anyway! If u want that little bit of health then get a glyph
Looks amazing on paper. But doesn't affect fire. Lightning. Or frost dmg.
Which is no problem for magblade and magplar.
Magblade tho. X_X
BIS for NBs.
No Scathing mage is
This is a very strong set for Templars - a lot of Templar abilities deal Magic damage. In fact, War Maiden + Innate Axiom is a great setup for a Magplar.
How do you get jewellry?
I want to know too. Maybe chest?
chests and dailies
Got a ring drop off a boss in dungeon, Forgotten Wastes.
"Treasure Chests gained from defeating a Dark Anchor have a 100% chance to drop a ring or amulet set piece form the zone they are located in."
There is no Dark Anchor in Vvardenfell! :p
Thats why i wondered how to get them haha
Sets trash didn't realize it was basically a netch set for magic dmg not including any elemental til after I got it put it on and halfed my dps so pissed waste of time
Easily the BiS for magplars.