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Lohse's portrait is incorrect as well. The settings of her in-game model are the Posessed skin, Head 8, Hair 7, and Brewer hair color.
This was also changed at the final release of the game. Her final appearance Wheat skin-tone and head 7 face 7 and Brewer hair color. The possessed skin-tone was removed from the character creation.
I dismissed Lohse from my party (to pick up Sebille and have her eat some corpses just in case it provided quest info). Now she is gone. She is not near the shrine in Fort Joy nor is she near the Shrine of Amadia (my next best guess).
She moves locations when you progress in the game, her second location is the shrine at the seekers hide out.
Have you checked in the water in front of the shrine? She's kind of hard to spot if you activated the pool and she's standing inside the fog.
If you have the shapeshifting mask you can eat people without seiblle
Lohse has an amazing questline following her 'passenger' and the bit with the cave is wrong you don't have to attack the elf you can knock out lohse and she thanks you for it
same dude, shes just gone
Lohse true Waifu material.
Before act 4 she does some serious sex stuff dunno if everyone gets this option.
I cant keep loshe after the lunar gate on a lone wolf playthorugh???
Yes you can you just need persuasion. If its to low go back to lady vengance and use the magic mirror to respec real wuick
For me, I couldn't keep her because I still have the Blood Rose potion, which is +2 to all attributes with the Five Star Diner talent. Why do game developers **** their paying customers with **** like this?
After I finished Act 1 I diceded to abandon Lohse and took Fein with me to proceed to Driftwood. Then I killed Lohse to take back all valuable loot. I know, my bad :) However, when I reached the Arena of the One I met...Lohse! And guess what: she, like Fein, was now an undead. Does anyone know wtf happened to her?

Yeah like nearly every abondoned companion they make a deal with the God King to reach their goals. And they are resurrected to an undead.
Dude, the game explains itself.. You should have listened and read the content more thoroughly.
It's like you skipped out on a book reading assignment and failed an exam on the book.
Yet you somehow have the nerve to ask the teacher, "Why does George shoot Lennie?"
"Lohse's default class is Enchanter."
No wonder why Lohse is Enchanting...!
Here is what I did to save Loshe without committing the candle-snuffing mass killing:
1:Using loshe to unlock the doctor's black house, then send her far away(else the demon will posses her when the fighting starts) .
2:My main (lv 20 warrior summoner healer), my boys Ifan and The Prince stormed the house and turned it into a demon slaughter house. The fight was very hard (tactician difficulty) but felt so good and epic. Remember to bring the God-Killer sword given by Tarquin.
Downside was that when I refused Malady's plan, Loshe gave a -30 attitude. Dont know if killing doctor this way causes any bugs, so far Malady keeps saying she need to talk to Loshe again and again.
If I play as Lohse, can I romance other members of party?
You surely can. I play Lohse and dating Fane was no problem. You should be able to date any companion with your main character (depends on their attitude of course, I picked up Ifan for romance, but he turned Lohse down, probably affraid of her demon, poor guy) regardless of custom, or origin.