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By Anonymous
This armor looks badass
By Anonymous
This armor is trash
By Anonymous
Your comment is trash, be quiet.
By Anonymous
Armor is badass and really a fashion souls but we gotta accepted that this armor have medium defense so if you serious about pvp this is not for you but if you want to be a badass then go for it (I love faraam armor!)
By Anonymous
if you called this armor trash it's like calling elite knight armor is trash(I love them both that's why I must protect these gems)
By Anonymous
This, The Dark Set, and Vengarl's Set are all i've wanted from the start.
By Anonymous
This is the only armor set I've seen in the game in where the fabric doesn't have even a single tear in it. I love it!
By Anonymous
lolike boba fett
By Dr.enforcicle
I feel like the poster set should've been syan's or something, seeing as the faraam set isn't even from drangleic...
By Anonymous
Well the elite knight set isn't from Lordran but it is still the iconic armour of Dark Souls
By Anonymous
Yeah, Elite Knight set seems to be from Astora.. Also consider that part of the theme of Dark Souls 2 is outsiders wandering into Drangleic for half-forgotten reasons. It makes sense for the thematic armors of DaS1 and DaS2 to be armor sets of outsiders.
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By Ninetales99
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As much as I like how the syan set looks, I like this more.
By Anonymous
I wish it was more accessible in early game rather than so late
By Anonymous
well, its possible to use it of an efective way if you ignore defeating the old ones and go straight to the castle.
By Anonymous
I saw the Dragon Eyes sign when I was level two, summoned an NPC: I gave him some presents he gave me +10 Faraam set, when I was level 2 or 3...
By Anonymous
That’s not an NPC, that would be another player
By Anonymous
Considering the definition of the word, other players are NPCs since you can't play as them lol
By Anonymous
What kind of ******* is that
By Anonymous
Very fashun soles. 10/10
By Anonymous
Soooo... A lore accurate faraam knight would wield a claymore? K.
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By EvilUnicornLord
I think it means that they dual-wield. I mean, the guy with the Faraam set in the trailer does it.
By Anonymous
The sword in trailer is not in the game, Let's ask miyazaki and fromsoftware about this so they can put faraam sword to the game
By Anonymous
I always thought the Faraam knight used a Broadsword. :/
By Anonymous
bastard sword not the claymore