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By Anonymous
Anyone know how much strength and dexterity is needed to wield this thing one handed without stumbling
By Anonymous
28 str 10 dex, under attrib reqs
By Anonymous
That thing was too big to be called a sword.
Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of iron.
By Anonymous
Looks more like a big glaidus than the Guts's pre-Dragonslayer sword.
By Anonymous
Ahh, the times when this beast actually looked like the Berk 'word.
By Anonymous
Weird how it's just called flat "Greatsword", kinda confusing since it's an Ultra-greatsword, couldn't it have been called "Black Iron Greatsword" or something more unique like that? Just to spare people the confusion
By Anonymous
It's a reference to the manga Berserk so it's only called so it's the same from the manga.
By Anonymous
19 Mar 2023 Anon, Gut's Sword is called the Dragonslayer you pleb
By Anonymous
His golden age sword (which this is based off of) didn't have a name you pleb
By Anonymous
It's funny how much weight this thing gained in the later games compared to Ds1, went from being the second-lightest Ultra Greatsword, and one of the thinnest ones with an emphasis on thrust attacks, to being a comically huge and wide sharpened 8ft long lump of metal that could hardly even be called a sword that just smashes things into tomato paste by virtue of it's sheer weight and GIRTH
By Anonymous
Nice reference I like what you did there
By Anonymous
this looks way cooler than the big metal log in elden ring
By Anonymous
Anon 2, So true, the Elden Ring version of this weapon is easily the worst incarnation of it, it looks like a huge fat metal log, its moveset outside of its crouching light attacks consists almost purely of crappy horizontal swings that don't take advantage of its length at all, it's damage isn't even that impressive for something so slow and heavy either, it's not much stronger than most greatswords while being way slower and often over twice the weight
By Anonymous
Complain is all you guys do. The latest looks most like the Berserk greatsword. This one was like when he was a kid.
By Anonymous
My complaints aren't about the fact that it doesn't look like the Berserk Sword as much, My complaints are about the fact that the Elden Ring one is objectively an inferior weapon to the previous iterations of it.
By Anonymous
I'd be more careful about what i say about the Zweihander if i were you, There may infact be a mob of angry bloodthirsty Giant Dads inside your house right now, You should seriously reconsider those words
By Anonymous
toaster strudel machine
By Anonymous
This is actually my favourite weapon in the game. I know people love the claymore/zwei, but the two-handed R2 chunky poke is lovely. You still get the pancake slam from the jump attack. Rolling poke is nice to have, too. With all the thrusts you can also pair it with Leo Ring.

I also think the greatsword looks better here than in later games, where it grew to absurd sizes.
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