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This thing can rock your socks off in pvp. People don't use it much these days if they ever did and that free aimed two handed swipe will wreck a backstab fisher's***** fast.
Too bad they changed it appearence in Ds2 and 3. This sword looks so great in DS1.
As far as being Guts' sword, DS3 got it right.


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DS2 got it right, too. The DS1 version is actually more akin to the first sword Guts uses when he fights his adoptive father, while the DS2&3 one is much more like the iconic Dragonslayer Sword.


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It looks cartoonish in DS2 and DS3, which makes me avoid it entirely, it’s just too absurd for my tastes. The DS1 version looks much better, it looks like an actual weapon too. Actually, many designs from DS1 are better than in later installments of the franchise.
Berserk reference on point
This, Black knight Armor, Metal Pig head and Avelyn combined, crafts the true guts. If only it were bigger, and then we could have the true resemblance of the size of the GODLY DRAGONSLAYER.
Honestly it's pretty accurate to the manga, considering that Guts uses a smaller (still huge) sword in the beginnning of the manga.
Seems like somebody hasn't read the Golden Age Arc of the manga. ;)
Very nice weapon. My favourite UGS :)
Drops from tower knight before Gargoyles too
I don't like the weapon but I do want to do a Guts cosplay
You're gonna need a bigger sword then
I'm doing that right now! It's surprisingly effective in PvE. I don't have my ideal armor yet, so no PvP at the moment.
griffith did nothing wrong
If you wanna do Guts cosplay, go into DS3, this sword is way bigger there, making it a more acurrate cosplay.
She was surprised.