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I know 2b is kaine but who are the rest?
i know one is old Nier, i think the other is brother Nier? I'm american so i'm not overly familiar with the other version of the original game.
9S was given (younger) brother nier and A2 was given (adult) brother nier.
A2´s Outfit is that of NieR after the timeskip in the japanese PS3 version of the game, in which he is significantly younger than in other versions.
How do you start the DLC? I haven't gotten the anonymous message.



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where are you in the story? Maybe you don't get it until you get access to the zones the doors are in?


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Having already finished the DLC, I deleted it to get some missing unit data (Desert medium flying kamikaze) after that I reinstalled the DLC and after loading my save I realized my DLC outfits were missing, I cant do the colluseums again, because I already finished the quests but my outfits arent in the inventory!!! Someone Help!!!
i had the same problem and this fixed it https://www.reddit.com/r/nier/comments/69vz9j/dlc_data_not_found_message_and_now_cant_access/ the first coment made by Saruj78 is the fix


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i'm on ps4 btw
The elevators in the flooded city & forest kingdom are glitches out & put the character in an infinite loop. Have to close app & restart from last save
I have this problem too, got any resolution?
I finished the game till the ABCD endings, but í don't recieve the mail, someone can tell me what chapter is the best for hot the mail thats start the dlc?