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GS for this one is Bisha's Centipede.
so. turns out that im super fkn underleveled. this says "recommended 150" and im at 111... the boss one shots me no matte what hits me -_- time to go grind for hours i guess...
same here, I'm level 100....
And I dont see myself grinding for days....
Might just go back to the ng+ and attempt this level later.
The MO for this game seems to be that your appropriate level is 10-20 levels above the one listed for the mission, and you need to have gear that's at least equal to the mission's level to have a chance.
This guy hits hard, has a long reach and is very intimidating, but his attacks are predictable. More or less like the Ogress
So, what's the deal with this *****er and why sloth is literally lasting 5 seconds against him? Also I don't understand why you get this missions lvl 150 when after finishing the game you'll probaby be on 100-115 aka you deal no damage and get oneshotted by anything even with tanky builds. I haven't had a single problem getting through the base game (and started using soth ony at about 3/4 of the journey) now everything seems to be just out of reach, wtf?
They intend for you to go into Way of the Strong and power level up to 150-ish before going on.
using blinding shell with him. It's super effective, after that just relax, make a coffee cup and throwing everything and him then
"Take some time to learn his attack comboes, focusing on where the large pauses are" What large pauses? He's sped up about 200% for me and NEVER stops attacking. i can be hit 3 times within a 10th of a second and insta dead regardless of what direction i dodge in. The main problem is trying to get your guardian spirit before he annihilates you in 1 swing even in heavy armor. lvl150 my ***, heavy armor is the same as light armor with him. Every video ive seen of this boss, people are taking minor scratches from his attacks and are probably level 400, but i go in and im dead within a second of entering the arena,


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What pauses in his combos? Salt aside Shigezane will happily give the finger to most Onmyo debuffs, a good strat if you insist on using them would be to slap him with a Weakness Talisman and spam ranged Jutsu (i.e. kunai) at him during his wombo combo where he places his sword into his Centipede arm. You can do bonus damage if you nestle yourself between his tail and his sword arm, but don't stick around for more than one or two attacks. Patience is key with Shigezane in both his forms. Oh also, go power level in WoTStr, don't make the mistake I did and attempt him right after the main story, he will mop the floor with you in one or two hits if you're more than a dozen levels below the mission level.
This is very much a cheese or die boss fight as he attacks constantly and is super fast. I suggest you invest points in ninjitsu and throw blinding shells and catrops to buy time to rest and reorganize yourself. Quick scrolls are also your friend cause even while blind he can get lucky and smack you for 90-100% of your health. I beat this at 120 but only because I went in hard with Tengan Kuzaku's living weapon and a combination of blinding shells and extraction talismans