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Is it possible for revenants to drop odachis for people that do not own the DLC?
Apparently they're available from start of game now so I doubt they're restricted from people without DLC
sad thing is they are.
This page is missing and Odachi entry for the "Kamui".
Is there a lighting odachi?
There is, its called the Futsunominata
Can you please add Jiro Tachi and Taro Tachi? Thanks



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By all means, make an account and add them yourself.
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does anyone know if there is a Mijinmaru smithing text?
Can I get one without the DLC
And this is my psn if u can help me I’ll be thankful

PSN → ~{CASPER-0_7
This page is missing a few odachis such as the lightning odachi fumonishita and the inherent change to strength taro tachi.
ok so why did you not add them?
Is the odachi and tonfa a new game plus item? Do you have to kill a secret boss for it? I've been farming odachi and tonfa users for a while now. I've also passed the 8th boss, but I can't find one.
u need to buy the dlc