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This sword has got to be the best looking straight sword in ds2


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This sword is great for a darkwraith cosplay build as the dark sword is of course not in dark souls 2. If you don't mind speccing into int, faith, and attunement you can also use a pyromancy glove in your left hand to give the impression that you have a dark hand (also pyromancy is op as hell late game). The only problem is that you need a lot of vitality to fast roll in the full darkwraith set plus the drakekeeper's sword (not to mention a shield). If you do use a shield i'd recommend the bone shield that drops off the Aldia Warlocks and the Dragon Acolytes or the drakekeeper's greatshield if you don't mind using a greatshield.
The Dark Sword of DS2
For anyone wondering, yes this has the longest reach of all straight swords. Makes it pretty versatile. Also has better than average durability. Scaling is kinda bad, but low stat requirements makes it a viable choice for a raw and elemental infusions if you just want to wield it one handed. Don't suggest dual wielding with out being interested in going all the way with the 40 strength dex, as you will already be close to halfway there anyways requiring 24 strength and 12 dex to power stance. Sadly this weapon suffers from a rather late game acquisition.
Fume sword has slightly longer reach. And sadly suffers from an even later game acquisition.