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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

The part about feeding mounts is outdated, please update it.
"but you can only have one active mount at a time and must return to the Stablemaster to change your active mount." Is this a thing nowadays, having to return to the stablemaster to change your active mount? I thought you just go to collections and do it there.
It's just as you said; it's all done through the collectible interface.
The same goes for costumes, pets and all that good stuff.
i'd buy the camel if it didn't spit, not sure why they went with that idea really.
Because camels spit... Lol :)
I think that was just a mount that fitted with riding in Hew's Bane...I don't think it meant for anything else really.
when you get an exotic mount out of ur first chest ever opened
they are ridiculously expensive when you compare it to the fact that for 2000 you can have either a whole dlc or a mount lol
Why is everything bought in the store? Make mounts that you get from grinding content , and maybe people will play your game. Stop making it pay to win.
pay to win? lol... you don't win by getting a mount. its completely cosmetic.
Seems like there are some mounts missing? I don't see the "imperial war horse"
Definitely missing the "Frostbane Camel" mount