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Joder, nadie aqui?
aqui estoy
Hola! Praise the Sun.
Chaos blade is not a katana
Yeah it's a toothpick of course!
areet mate cause there gonna create a whole section for Wakizashi for just this one you creamed your pants when you made that little comment
Bet you wanted to call the washing pole an Ōdachi but you already blew your load



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man some commentators are jerks and tbh I am surprised they DIDN'T do it because they legit made a class called Very large swords in demon souls for 2 specific swords.
Of course then washing pole is just a park in Washington not a katana!
The ichigatana does more Damage at base then the Iaito, but the Iaito has a higher stat need. Does the Iaito get better then the uchi with higher stats? Or is the uchi better regardless
At 40 DEX and 30 STR The Uchi has 10 more AR so I guess uchi is bettter?
The uchi does slightly more damage than the iaito but the iaito has a completely unique heavy attack with more range and speed than all the other katana in the game save for the chaos blade which has a very slow but powerful two handed heavy and a much faster dashing one handed heavy but it doesn't have the range of the iaito
weeb-lords unite
Katana is ds1 and 2 completely outclass the ones in ds3 I mean jesus these things are fast, hit pretty hard, cause bleed build up and you don't need luck to make the bleed worth a damn not only that they are so slow and easy to parry in ds3 that it's more risky to use the weapon than to use literally anything else it's like the developers had something against them is ds3
AR at 40Dex/20Str: Uchigatana - 420 Chaos Blade - 372 / 450 (0H. / 10H.) Iaito - 410 Washing Pole - 380



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Very useful info man, thanks.
Essentially the uchigatana does more immediate damage than the iaito but the iaito on the other hand I believe uses less stamina and can strike faster they both do pretty good damage though I’m my opinon
An Iaito is not a weapon it is a practice 'sword' for iaido and has no sharp edge.