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By Anonymous
Starting to really hate when fromsoft locks armor sets behind long questlines/having to kill the npc. This guy seems rlly cool but I had to kill him for the armor set.
By Anonymous
Love this guy. One of those rare Catch-22 NPCs that I'd LOVE to keep alive for the wonderfully performed sarcasm, but it's that exact thing that makes him so satisfying to cut open with an uchigatana and yeet off a cliff.
By Anonymous
Be honest: we ALL wish we had his voice
By Anonymous
My theory is, that he was grabbed by the Oedon Amygdala (not Manus) and his soul was sent to the DS Realm, while he left behind his corpse. He states that he was "snatched by a shadowy limb". This could refer to Manus, but he doesnt have the amulett. We just assume it was the same limb, that dragged us.
By Anonymous
i was thinking the same thing, like for example to get to the hunters nightmare you get snatched by the amygdala and it transports you to the nightmare
By Anonymous
I know the parallels between chester and bloodborne are very obvious, and he was absolutely a test for bloodborne mechanics, the AotA team even immediately went to work on bloodborne after AotA’s release, and im certain there reference to him in bloodborne is intentional. However, i want to note how dark souls 3 actually provides a proper canon explanation for chester that doesnt require the speculative connection to bloodborne’s universe, and actually matches already existing established events. First, the chosen undead, holding manus’ pendant, is pulled through time to manus, from the basin to the sanctuary garden. These locations are very close, as going through the garden leaves you at the oolacile sanctuary, which is what becomes the grave of artorias. You then proceed backwards through darkroot from the grave, now the royal wood of the past, the shortcut ruins being where the forest watchers and alvina would set up, the divine ember and moonlight butterfly being the far edge of oolacile, and then there’s the entrance to the parish, and the elevator down below going into the valley of drakes and new londo, to the abyss, which lines up roughly with the chasm of the abyss and manus. But in dark souls 3, if you compare the layout of farron to the middle area of darkroot, the perimeter goes right up towards the grave of artorias, and guess what’s at the grave? The abyss watchers’ mausoleum. So, where does chester tie in? Well, what if you go back towards the parish? Yknow, the CHURCH up above DARKROOT and THE ABYSS?
Why, its none other than the cathedral of the deep, home to all things abyssal and where aldrich was locked away. The deep, to my understanding, is a stronger abyss beyond even just humanity, and the fact these areas line up so well is no accident. In the cathedral, we meet rosaria, and one of her servants, a bloodborne-inspired man called leonhard, who happens to wear a long thick coat, a hunting cap, and a mask. So, perhaps this man named chester was enticed by rosaria’s fingers, maybe even was one, happened upon an ancient relic of the deep, an old broken pendant, worshipped as an artifact of the father of the abyss, stole it, and was dragged away through time by its owner, to a place nearby physically, but very distant temporally. After all, we dont know how the pendant ended up in seath’s archives, or what happens to it after we’ve had it, though it likely burned to the first flame if we link it, but if we become dark lord, who ****in knows. It also appears to be just a fragment, we’re told its only half of a broken pendant.
Anyway, yeah, thats how i think dark souls 3 provides a feasible explanation for chester that doesnt require unconfirmed cross-universe explanation to a game we’re told isnt connected to dark souls. I know the interconnectivity is fun to theorize and draw parallels, but honestly just the dark souls games have some really fun lines to draw that are actually very feasible canonically.
By Anonymous
Wow that's a lot of words
Too bad I ain't reading them
By Anonymous
i aint reading allat lil bro
By Anonymous
i love this dude even if he's kind of an *** he's so charming
By Anonymous
it's him john bloodborne
By Anonymous
Sup with him dying in the remaster? Do the dogs randomly aggro to him? Happened to me twice now after beating Artorias.
By Anonymous
I hate this guy. The speech he gives you when you talk to him after you've killed his invading phantom made me so angry I smashed his head in. Bloodborne is cool but his outfit and everything about his look in a dark souls game makes me hate him.
By Anonymous
They put the best NPC in the game right next to the best boss in the game
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