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i killed kalameet and when i went to speak to him he was gone but his bags and stuff remained. later when i returned to the same spot his things were gone and the chester set was lying on the ground.
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He got knocked off the cliff by the shockwave kalameet creates when he lands It happened to me to
By Anonymous
this guy the basis for bloodborne
By Anonymous
We never did get his sweet sweep move in any of the future games.
By Anonymous
We did if you count the sweep kick within the Bone Fist's combos from Dark Souls II.
By Anonymous
Chester died after Kalameet landed in the arena
By Anonymous
This can happen?
By Anonymous
Anyone else notice that it's not just a mask he's wearing, seems to be his entire head is synthetic (possibly his entire body). Reminds me of the doll in Bloodborne. Makes you wonder about the early designs for Bloodborne.
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By Anonymous
Should be mentioned that Chester has like, the EXACT same voice as Old Hunter Djura. I don't mean they just have the same voice actor, I mean the VA literally uses the same drawl and haughty air for both characters. Furthermore, Djura doesn't "invade" the player's world in Bloodborne, but fires at them repeatedly with a gatling gun from high as they make their way through yet another ruined city filled with deformed citizens.

Still pissed we don't get to use his totally rad sweeping kicks somehow. I bet that rose on his jacket squirts water, too.
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By AntonShea53
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Lack of range isn't noteworthy and thus isn't noted here. It'd be like praising Troy Baker for having the exact same voice in most of the games he's worked on.
By Anonymous
(OP) Fair point. Still can't shake the similarity between their attacks on the player though... AND I STILL WANT THAT SWEEPING KICK.
By Anonymous
Yeah that sweeping kick is boss. More martial arts in general would be awesome. Let's hope Sekiro is something like a test run for features to be included in DS4 (just let me dream)
By Elias-A13X
When I aggro'd him, I got another line, but I couldn't see what he said. If someone wants to add the other line possible, that'd be appreciated.
By Anonymous
How does the DS3 DLC connect Bloodborne and Dark Souls? I missed that.
By Anonymous
There's a theme of blood in both of the DS3 DLCs: In the Painted World of Ariandel, Ariandel is using his blood to sate the fire. At the end of the DLC, Painter Girl tells you that her uncle Gael went to retrieve the dark souls of man for her to use as a pigment for new painted world. In the second DLC, Ringed City, at the end you find Gael who has consumed the dark souls and it turns out that the dark soul is in fact blood within the veins of pygmy lords which had dried up so Gael consumed the blood to make it liquid again through indigestion. However, the power of dark souls drove him mad and he attacked you so you were forced to kill him. At the end of the fight you take the blood of the dark souls from him and have to option to deliver it to Painter Girl. It's presumed that Painter Girl will then use the blood to paint the world of Bloodborne. So as you can see, with blood being a strong theme in both DLCs, it can be interpreted as a tie-in to Bloodborne.
By Anonymous
It's a fan theory that has been profusely debunked by Miyazaki.
By Anonymous
yeah its a fan theory that has been "debunked" by miyazaki but he has been know to purposely and mislead fans about the lore to keep them guessing. it is pretty obvious all the souls/borne games are connected.
By Anonymous
@Oct '18 commenter - where did you get the idea that the blood was dry and Gael consumed it to liquefy it? Just interested because I've never heard that before
By Anonymous
@Oct 18 commenter - except she said she was going to make a cold and gentle world. Bloodborne world is decidedly not that. :)
By Anonymous
Miyazaki has to debunk it because the games are owned by separate companies. Can you imagine the legal snafu if Sony got wind that Bloodborne was really a Dark Souls sequel even though they asked for a new IP. It would also complicate things between Bandai Namco and Sony. They had to connect the worlds in a way that wasn't blatant. Case in point, ever notice how the chalice dungeons are basically a Dark Souls location. You've got hollows running around with firebombs and broken swords, undead pyromancers literally called the Watcher of the Old Lords and a giant undead wolf that guards a tomb. There's also a couple of weird references to eyes in DS3 and a prophecy of powerful creatures coming out of a deep sea to rule over the world. Sound familiar?
By Anonymous
It doesn't
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