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By Anonymous
Run, eat lifegems, win
By Anonymous
+5 Greatsword with 23 strength and if you put temp dark on it deals around 500dmg per hit.
By Anonymous
Actually super easy once you calm down and enjoy the fight.
By Anonymous
Gave these guys no health, no moves, and no brain so they had to put three of them in a box so you don't accidentally blink and miss the fight
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By SpacebarEnthusiast
I've added it to the page, but for the unaware, when they draw their weapon back, roll into their first spin, and immediately out behind them. The timing is a bit wonky at first, but I can consistently dodge their spin now.
By Anonymous
Ummmmm Is on one of them 'Yahim' a male and the other ruin sentinels are females cuzz I'm having some problems with the ruin sentinels genders appearing as three pairs of them
By agnacore
Since they're automata, I think they wouldn't have definite genders, but it's always possible I might have missed something in their item descriptions.
By Anonymous
Lanky bois
By Anonymous
this boss should have been outside of drangleic castle guarding it. it wouid be alot more fun imo since you are more ready to 1v3 by that point
By Anonymous
fighting these as my third boss just so that i don't have to set foot in no man's wharf. worth it
By Anonymous
Crap boss design
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