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By Anonymous
This fight gave me PTSD
By Anonymous
Yeah, for most newbie players, it's almost like a dead end... Tho after practicing again and again, you'll eventually take 'em down.
By Anonymous
Yeah it was hell had bellclaire take one out had to tank the others with my greatshield took 30 minutes but got it
By Anonymous
About the rarity... I doubt that, it's all about your luck... When I farmed for the set, it took 3 Sentinels to get the Helm... Then after more farming, got the Gauntlets 2x... And then the Armor. The Leggings was the last one I got.
By Anonymous
You can block most, if not all of their attacks but it is best to roll in the last attacks of the sequences or in the leaps. Easier: kill the first on the platform before jumping, others do not go into combat until you get off or the first one dies.
By Anonymous
*******,They Will Become Unit Latter,The Are Izi
By Anonymous
They are *****ing me over, I can't seem to beat their asses. Is it normal that they are my fourth boss fight?
By Anonymous
Yep. They can be third if you do last giant and pursuer to get to the Bastille or Dragonrider and flexile sentry. They were my 7th as I did dragonslayer and skeleton lords beforehand.
By Anonymous
They are supposed to be your 6th boss
By Anonymous
Why 6th boss fight?
By Silt
I know this a weird question and I do not know If this works let's say you have the craftsman hammer and infused it with a boltstone then put some magic ooz on it will it have both lighting damage and magic damage to
By Anonymous
No, once infused the weapon cannot be buffed anymore
By Silt
Here is a good way to win if you r a human and summon both bellclaire and Felecia then it will make the boss a hell of a lot easier since to is basically a 3v3
By Anonymous
Summoning Phantoms is for the weak
By Anonymous
Where is felecias summon sign?
By Anonymous
these bosses are absolutely broken, even with the latest update the one on the first floor hits me within 0.01 seconds of landing without the possibility of fighting back, when i do, however manage to dodge 1/10 tries, its hitbox is so broken that it oneshots me. i beat this piece of***** of a game on the 360, and buying the scholar edition was one of my biggest waste of money ever. no summon signs from anyone in this "community" and the ones that do answer my plea are 500 million too far away for me to summon and everyone tells me to "git gud", if that ain't *******, i don't know what is
By Anonymous
git gud
By Anonymous
Try tongue but hole
By Anonymous
Git gud you *****ing random.
By Anonymous
no, four kings is the true broken boss in the franchise.
By Anonymous
maybe if youd stop complaining you could spend the time to git gud
By Anonymous
Mace and Aromatic Ooze is the cheese strategy that works.
By Anonymous
bro, just Git Gud. I can fight all Three Sentinels blind-folded.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
4 kings broken???? Its just a dps test dude, bed of chaos is a broken boss
By Anonymous
git gud scrub
By Anonymous
I agree, this boss is (these bosses are) a major difficulty spike in the game. As most people are used to just one boss, but then they throw 3 at you, 3 bosses incredibly resistant to slash weapons. And yes, the first Sentinel DOES attack you almost instantly after the patch. Also the website needs to specify that certain aspects from the SotFS are NOT on the legacy consoles. (Xbox 360 and PS3). LIKE: Requiring the Fragment Branch of Yore, or the Aurus set in the gutter, as the Heide Knight does not spawn
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By SilverKnightDragon
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SOFTS is an entirely different version of the game, regardless of console. I'm sure you are aware that SOFTS isn't available on PS3/360, what you get in those is just a bundle version of the original. so when ever SOFTS is mentioned, it automatically excludes PS3/360
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