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I don't think CDPR should leave this world in the dust of days past because its rich as hell. Most of us haven't even explored half of it even if we 100 percent completed The Wild Hunt and its DLC expansions. I know I missed out on the first game and IMO its not really worth the time to go and play it JUST FOR the story. Some of you might be able to get passed the cringe worthy gameplay.

Id like to see the city of Vizima, the dark forest of Brokilon (also the setting for the Glass House comic if I'm not mistaken) and maybe even The three Cintirian Fortresses of Nastrog, Rozrog, and Bodrog, maybe Sodden and even further south into the Nilfgaardian territory and capitol golden city (forget name). There is so much still to see and do in this world without Geralt OR Ciri or any familiar characters at all.

I think the writers of the Witcher 3 can hopefully create a new character while also letting us customize more of that character. We could choose from classes such as Witcher, Sorcerer, Warrior, Nomad/Vagabond, or others or perhaps it could leave class creation up to us BUT if we want to be a Witcher or Sorcerer we would have to choose to go that route in order for the lore to remain in tact. That already gives us three play throughs, first as a Misc Warrior, Nomad, Merc, Hunter or Vagabond and whatever we choose to become then, second as a witcher with whatever are weapons of choice may be along with style of combat, and finally as a sorcerer or even some kind of lore friendly battlemage with some in born magic talent and melee combat training.


Either 100 years prior to the events of Assassins of Kings or 1000 years after another conjunction of the spheres that twists the world into a Darker even medieval post apocalyptic world were a few dragons do exist (and a fun, dynamic, challenging, unrepetitive, and epic way to fight them.) and the tables are turned with Humans and Non-Humans giving the Nonhumans dominion. This time the Nonhumans recognize what the humans are and decide to press their advantage while we are still in the minority and integrate us into there world by force or by strict laws. Humans still multiply much quicker and soon we are the majority but the NonHumans maintain their power and dominion however the common tongue becomes the most used language. Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes want to live in Harmony with all living things but Humans test their patience just as they test the humans own volition.


Instead of having an automatic combat mode when enemies get close and you automatically square up to fight, move differently and suddenly cant jump or clear obstacles in the way, It would just be better if you didn't go into combat mode unles you unsheathe your weapon/s. Even then this would only effect your stance as you take on a more readied posture but can still move with less restriction (not being forced to slowly step) and still being able run by simply moving the analog stick. Holding down the guard button would then make it so you moved more carefully and using a footwork system allowing you to quickstep by flicking the analog stick in an any direction.

Then you can still dodge with B (I'm gonna use Xbox controls cuz everybody knows them) jump with X and dive roll by double tapping X. Sprint could be allocated to L3. The Targeting system would also need to be reworked so you targeted the nearest enemy or had full 360 degree control of targeting so you can always target the right enemy without having to cycle thru left or right. Dark Souls has a good targeting system.

Less spinning moves and perhaps even move sets for every weapon type (swords, greatswords/bastard swords, one handed axe, two handed axe, spears, halberds, curved blades, daggers, maces, warhammers, etc). THen you could learn more advanced moves as you train or level up.

Stealth needs to play a role and I think the world could benefit from a more sandbox choose your own approach to the majority of quest objectives. I think this is the best way for RPGs to go. Being able to stealthily hunt and trap/cripple/injure then kill a large monster or atleast get the first strike would be sick. There were a lot of quests in Witcher 3 like the one where you and Yen are sneaking around Kaer Trolde's Hold and trying to find a certain artifact while everyone else is at the feast in the banquet hall but you just walk like normal and then when gaurds come patrolling it switches to a cut scene where you hide. Good for narrative but I think emergent gameplay, radiant AI, and a sandbox world can co exist with a strong narrative even with a fairly customized character. Whats good about skyrim can merge with whats good about Witcher so to speak. I believe this is in High demand


Notice boards should only have contracts on them and maybe some notices but all that information and stuff could of been spoken by NPCs in interactive conversations that you could have with them. Instead of just being able to talk with innkeeps, merchants, smiths, barbers, and the main cast of characters or Quest characters you should be able to interact with a great number of the NPC and they should also interact with you and other NPCs in emergent scenes that way you can eavesdrop to gather information and it would make information gathering, clue hunting, investigating, etc more immersive and intuitive. Also being able to learn about the land and specific people from NPCs just for the pleasure of knowing or hearing something interesting and to give you more to take into consideration when it comes time to make certain decisions especially ones that involve the lives of other characters or bringing/sending other NPCs to their judgment or deciding who to trust, who to take advice from, etc.

Also interacting more intimately with the worlds NPCs would be a better way to find quests instead of just looking for the exclamation mark or question mark on your map. (I would prefer the same as many exclamation point type quests as their are question mark places of interest.

I didn't like seeing something like a distant ruin or haunted old keep or cave but find that there is no question mark near or inside it just a few chests to loot with nothing special making all these places just pretty to look at or take a tour thru. There is not much reason, especially mid game to explore a new village either. You can go into almost every little interior but most of them are just places you can loot stuff you dot need or have too much of already... I have so many crafting materials and alchemy materials is **** ridiculous.

What if items like food where actually a necessity and you had to atleast rest once a in game day like a simple needs system so gathering items or even buying them remains relevant. Also people, not just the gaurds, should be pissed and confront you for just barging into there home and looting up everything. This is an area where games like Skyrim (no games like TES) shine.